Suggestions to balance Priest abilities

Many people find imbalanced the ability to dash or jetjump into a group of enemies and obliterate them with repeated Mind Crush at 1-st turn of the battle.
I think 2 steps would help to balance it.

  1. Damage scaling with WP difference of attacker and target:
    Damage = 100 + 10x(WP attacker - WP target)
    Set minimum damage at 50 and maximum at 200
  • Example 1: Attacker has 25 WP and target has 30 WP (normal situation for turn 1). The damage would be 100+10x(25-30) = 100-50 = 50
  • Example 2: Attacker has 15 WP or more and target has 5 WP or less (in the middle of the battle). The damage would be 100+10x(15-5) = 100+100 = 200
  1. Add 1 AP cost for Mind Crush and Mind Control to prevent spamming these abilities too much

UPD: +1 AP cost increase is already in the latest patch notes.


I’ve added a topic at Canny to make Mind Crush scalable with defender WP and attacker WP difference:

So you are responsible of those Priest that became cramped soldiers or at least even more skill points hungry?

I don’t see what problem you have now, Dash and 300 damages is not much and move to a group of enemies is calling for other enemies not that far. Without to mention it would require ridiculous 22 WP.

Max attributes should be lowdown a bit at least for Will and Speed, but I find your added nerf rather pointless if not damaging.

EDIT: Ok 22 WP doesn’t include WP back from kills. But then at least it requires a start setup more complex like enemies with less than 100HP or/and enemies with less than 200HP. There’s already a limit on WP gain from one attack, it looks it’s 6 which give back the WP from Mind Crush but still. I also noticed there’s even like diminishing WP gain from kills in same turn.

The AP nerf patch was already ready to be released when I’ve published my post, so the answer is “No”.
And my idea was not only to nerf the damage against unprepared enemies, but at the same time to buf the damage against the enemies with low WP. I wanted the Priests to be able to nuke not for 100, but for 200 damage, but only after some preparations and definitely not at turn 1 :wink:

And the numbers are not final of course. I just wanted to have more synergy between priests and other members of the team (who actually kill Pandorans) and between Mind Crush and virus weapons.

I didn’t noticed the point in your post but there’s already a synergy between mind crush and the whole team, not WP but HP.

I don’t see WP a better base, it is too global it’s not a better lever, and the 200 damages are excessive.

For virus the game need a deep design change, either effects aren’t enough perceptible for players, either effects need a serious boost.