Pre-Ordered On Epic in May and didn't get an email


I pre-ordered Phoenix Point on 24th of May 2019 through Epic games and I did not receive an email today about the discounted season pass?

Should I have? if so who do I contact? Or was it only if you purchased through the website?

I messaged and they said to contact the developers


first sorry write with the help of goggle translated.
would also interest me if I get it in the october over epic bought.
If I’m not authorized to get a code could someone be so nice and give me his one he does not need?

Sending you the code via message.

I’m in the same boat as the OP however I pre-ordered the platinum adition in March, but not before the 12th. I believe I’m supposed to recieve this discount code based on the email that went out but nothing yet. The Platinum is not longer available, so I presume its been replaced by the Deluxe as thats a similar price. Maybe this is the issue.

Anyone know if I should be eligible for a discount code or know who to contact to get this resolved?


I purchased the platinum edition on April 14, 2019.
I received the discount email for the DLC. I got it yesterday.
Maybe it’s on the way to you?

People were meant to receive the email yesterday.

Still nothing yet.

Same issue. Pre-ordered through Epic on 17th of May. There is still no email.

have you folks checked in your spam/trash folders, or in promotions if using Gmail/Hotmail?

Have checked spam/trash/promo email folders

Still no email

I’d send an email to then

Yeah same here, nothing on junk folder either. Also still no regional pricing for season pass on site even though the base game versions are regionally priced.