Post first-win feedback and questions


Is there a flat projection of the global map view available? If not, I’d like one.

Is there a way to auto-fill everybody’s ammo? After a mission I get asked if I want to make more med kids or broken weapons, but why not ammo? I do know that I can keep ammo in storage and THAT will auto-equip, but it’s also tedious and not a good use of resources. If not, I REALLY want an after-mission button that refills everybody’s ammo.

If there’s a fan of the Berserker that will speak to it’s merits? Because I just can’t make them work. I want to like them, but I just don’t.

I may have a similar questions for Infiltrators but I haven’t played with them enough.


Mid-Late game the creature’s turns start taking F O R E V E R. I’ve started alt-tabbing out of the game to do other stuff while I wait for them to complete their turn. 30 enemies isn’t harder, it’s just tedious. What I’d really like is for you to remove that pause each enemy takes after their action, and either speed up or give me a keypress to speed up the animations on enemy actions (like Battletech does, heck, use their idea of a checkbox to always speed their actions up.) Also, cut back on # of enemies mid-late game.

Disciples of Anu squishy pants sound. No. Just no. Please find a new sound.

Graphics presets cloud save along with game saves. I do not want this. I have different PC’s with vastly different schematics and I play on Low on one and on High on the other.

I’d like to be able to set keybindings for additional abilities like Quick shot.

Please let me rename aircraft.

Please give me keybindings for next/previous soldier in training/equipment view.

Please visually designate weapons that are low on ammo better; an item that’s just short a 1-2 shots is visually indistinguishable from a full weapon.

On the research screen, please move ally research to the middle and give me a full screen height scrollbar for the queued research.

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