Poor sound quality

The game is awesome, like XCOM. BUT the sound quality is so worse I can’t play it. It’s a pity, I really wanted and tried it. It’s unplayable. Sorry! Please fix.

Provide us with info on your setup, soundcard specifically. Also, be a bit more specific on how it’s poor.

Interesting. I havent found anything odd with the sound in this game. I have good quality sound card with high power surround speakers along with high end headphones and everything sounds quite good. Maybe it is not concert lossless quality, but for a game it is sufficient.

It sounds somewhat artificial like it is distorted or too much compressed. In the Trailer it is the same, so it is obviously not due to my Soundcard. By the way it is a “Creative Audigy 2 ZS” with 32 bit resolution. The Speakers are “Creative SoundWorks MegaWorks 5.1 THX 550”. I can also hear it with headphones after a while. For me it is pain in the ears. Maybe you have compressed the soundfiles too much, or set the bitrate too low? I don’t know, what exactly the problem is, but it sounds really bad and my soundcard is not the reason. Of course I might play the game without sounds but then there would be absolute no atmosphere, that’s why I played XCOM :wink:

Total shot in the dark, but have you tried restarting Windows Audio Service? Hoping someone from Snapshot will chime in now that we know your soundcard and info.

Once it was great config, but I think that Sound Blasters have problems with Windows since some time. Have you updated drivers to latest available? You know this card is from 2003 when there was still Windows XP?

Try changing sound output to build-in sound card from motherboard and check if problem still persist.