Extremly annoying music

The game looks really promissing, graphic is good and models are nice. so that my main question at the moment is: Will this be the music we will have in the final game ? Hopefully not, otherwise I have always make the decission if I kill the aliens or myself :wink:

Such a game need and deserves an atmospheric soundtrack and not this annoying cacophony.
Sorry if the wording is too harsh.


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There are quite a lot of people who really like the current music. However, no, it will not be in the final game. It is just a placeholder. The real soundtrack will be provided by John Broomhall - composer of the original X-Com UFO soundtrack.

You can disable the music with a console command. Open the console with ’ or ` and then enter the following:

setvolume Music 0

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WOAH, HEY! You stop right there. I heard the music for this game and was like 'wow, what atmospheric and simple yet elegant music!"

Aww, I’m sad to hear it won’t be in the final release. It had a bit of an FTL vibe to it and I thought it fit really well. I can only hope the official musical score is just as good, if not better. :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks a lot for the really fast feedback !
Yeah, thanks god that we all do not have the same taste. Ok, others like it and for the others, the muting option.
I am looking forward to the John Broomhall soundtrack.

I’m rather fond of the current music as well.

I’ll just jump in here, I think that music is a standout feature for a pre-alpha. It’s really good!


The real soundtrack will be provided by John Broomhall - composer of the original X-Com UFO soundtrack.

Just for brief revisitance, used Amiga AGA version of old game

Original music was nice and creepy, looking forward to it.

Old Geoscape music
Goescape Xcom AGA

Famous Intro CD32

Note: I love the tactial tune of menu music at end of this video (new game/load)
That kind of mood music is great! As well as simple intercepting chipish tune!

Special just menu music

Interceptor combat music

Full old soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiwyKU836Ko

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