Please show line of sight indicators for turrets

It would be incredibly helpful if when turrets are being deployed we could have line of sight indicators, similar to the indicators for normal movement. While we can simulate it by equipping a weapon and mousing over a spot, it is awkward to switch back and forth (and easy to make mistakes, especially if there are no nearby landmarks). And notably, turrets are not the same height as soldiers, so the lines of sight are often different in critical ways. This is particularly so when potential obstructions involve differences in terrain height (e.g. approaching a ledge to shoot down on enemies).

Yeah id love to see this as well. I have 2 experiences with turrets.
1: I place them down and they never get to shoot anything.
2: I place them in places where they can shoot to much, and unless I use remote control they wont survive to get their turn. Because they will be destroyed before their turns naturally happens.

I often place them on an elevated position thinking im clever that my turrets now get to fire down on Pandorans only to find out that they wont have LOS to anything -_-

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Right? Iā€™m still having trouble with the fact that many of those tiny little railings at the top of buildings are actually just the tops of indestructible invisible force fields. lol

Normally not a big deal (for soldiers), but turrets are not very tall, so railings are a serious obstruction. Making it worse is the fact that some railings actually do only obstruct what they appear to obstruct.