Phoenix Point for console (Xbox One)

Hello I am a big Xcom fan and I like to play turn-based games. I only know Phoenix Point from You Tube because I don’t have a PC, I have to wait for the Xbox One version and wanted to ask how long I have to wait.

Since it supposedly should have been out long ago, I wanted to ask when it will finally be out for the Xbox One? because I finally want to play it instead of just watching it on You Tube; (

Since I live in Germany and can’t speak English, the question is translated;)

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Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how long you will have to wait as I do not know myself.

Maybe you can play it on your TV via Stadia?

I am not 100% sure if that’s possible and I cannot test it because Stadia is not supported in my country (Bulgaria). But maybe you can ask their support or someone from the forum has experience with it?

Hello, I have some good news and some less good news. The good one: Phoenix Point :heart_eyes: is still on the console :smiley: :nerd_face:
The bad one we have to wait at least half a year - 3/4 year :scream: :pleading_face: :sob:

I link 2 different links in different languages :wink:

  1. Strategie Phoenix Point se letos dočká nového obsahu a vyjde na konzolích - Zing

  2. Phoenix Point DLC, Console Launch Planned For This Year

Phoenix Point :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is my most anticipated game of the year 2021 so hope it comes October 1st :pray: :smiley: and hope not until December 31st :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

With best regards
C.O. Bradfort