Played for 10h, boring, tedious unpolished experience. Feels like a chore

After 6 months break, I tried coming back - around 10h of gameplay

The game is simply boring and tedious.

  1. Scavenging mission: 2 pure against my 6 fifth level characters. One turn to finish them and then 6 turns to run around unopposed - super boring.
  2. Faction missions on the other continent; literally no way to reach that point. So run out of research very quickly. What is the point of that? Am I supposed to save scam to get a reasonable outcome?
  3. AI is still stupid. No more, no less.
    I could write 10 more bulletpoints but whats the point? This has been discussed houndreds of times.

Why does PP not follow X-com reinforcement mechanic where you are under constant pressure.

The game has been released a year ago. Yet I dont see much improvement despite overwhelming amount of feedback. How come I can spend 450h+ with XCOM and I get super bored with PP after 10?

There should be constant reinforcements on scavenging missions (as well as others like alien base raids). There also should be far more then 2 pure. What difficulty are you playing on? Perhaps you just need to raise the stakes a bit?

Which missions? From what I have seen in my recent playthrought the early missions seemed to generate closer to my original base, and further away as I progressed. Exploring the map is kinda the point, so find friendly havens to find new sites, and remotely activate bases if needed and use satelite uplinks to scan for new locations. There is also a trick with activating a base, and then using quicks of the systems to “teleport” personel there when recruiting. Never tried it myself - seems more like an unintentional exploit, though I wish PP rules when it comes to moving items were more consistant.

Boring mission mechanics, for sure.
AI got problems, for sure.
This is not frax xcom for sure.

I just hardly find free time for my squad in the game. There is no free time at all. You got tons of missions to do. You can do your own as attacking to factions. I don’t even find time to go exploration at all.

I guess that, snapshot tries to handle extra things until steam launch rather then working on old things. They probably got a big final goal for that 1 year edition. We will get more thing after steam launch too. Who knows.