Place a height indicator on the UI

It’s nice that you can change the height of your camera with Z and C, but it’d be nice to also have a indicator on the screen that shows what height you’re currently looking at. This would act as a reminder to the player to check for enemies/options to move to different heights, and could also be interacted with as a way to adjust the height being viewed.


I’d also like to request an option to change what the middle mousewheel does. For me, I’d much rather be able to map the middle mouse to ‘zoom’ than to map height as I generally want to use it a couple of times every turn to get a better sense of what’s going (zooming in to check a unit type, zooming out to get a tactical view) whereas map height I tend to use much less and so would prefer to have that mapped to keys. Realise that’s a personal preference but maybe good if the final version lets us choose.