Phoenix Point attacked very early game - HELP

I guess I am obviously doing something to REALLY annoy the enemy??

I have just got past the point of getting my first few research projects done into the factions and how to recruit soldiers. I have 7 troops and am looking for the SE Asia base when a pop up announces that my base is under attack and tells me to Start Mission. The mission then starts and there is me with ONE guy and I spot 6 enemies during the movement phase.

Seeing as these odds are suicidal I decided to reload to an earlier save and try to split my forces in anticipation of this move by the enemy. However, I then get a series of messages saying IIRC `that my storage space is running out, that my base is about to get attacked and something else I didnt quite catch and then a game over movie plays saying something about how I had failed and my last base had fallen.

I can only assume that the AI Director had decided I was doing far too well to have 7 troops and no deaths in the 4 or 5 battles I had fought so far and that I needed to be punished for being too successful too early? I this is a feature and not some sort of bizarre bug then how do you win?

Do I have to be god awful with my resources, lose loads of troops and be teetering on the edge of didaster for the AI to leave me alone?

While the AI director does ramp up difficulty based on your success… It doesn’t do it like that. All I can think is maybe your base was randomly placed really close to an unseeable citadel.