Base defense, one last enemy

Had to load on a base defense. I’d wiped put all active/visible enemies, but I guess one remained. I searched everywhere I could, but mobility was hampered by all the grenades/etc that went off near the entrances.

I had the same problem. I think there wasn’t any enemy, cause I searched for three rounds, sending soldiers in every direction. Plus in the end one of my units stuck while running in place, so I had to Alt+F4 out of the game.
I don’t think that the floor should be destructible on the main base.

I actually had a previous situation in BB3 where an enemy spawned INSIDE a wall. Which was very difficult to find. After carpeting most of the map in firecat grenades I eventually found it but it was getting annoying. And then it became funny when I realised the crab was properly stuck :sweat_smile: but yeah that might be whats happening there. I don’t think there’s any sure fire way to find ‘wall spawners’, assuming that’s even the problem here. Could be a completely different bug altogether!

I’m 0/3 now, in all cases having cleared all visible threats. This last time I did find an enemy semi-embedded in a wall (sent an f12 screenshot), but otherwise I couldn’t find anyone else. Searched all areas and went into the spawn tunnels (except for the one with no floor, because I couldn’t jump into it, but I did look in as best I could).

I’ve gotten to where I can reliably bottle them up in their starting areas, but they start next to 3 key systems. My 40% and 39% remaining seem to be as good as I would be able to hope for.

If this base defense stays broken i may have to abandon the base, but that would suck. I’m defending the base… I just can’t find the last enemy. Is an enemy that stalls indefinitely really a threat? Maybe it could be a mascot. Our pet crabman.

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You’ll have to build a pool for him…ah, new building option in the menu😉

I mean… we’ll be doing massive reconstruction anyway. Just add a pool while we’re at it. We can learn more about them. It’s not like it’s a threat. I hit “end turn” like 20 times. If it intended me harm, it would have DONE SOMETHING.

Exactly, he”s a friendly😁

Finally succeeded. Not sure if 4th or 5th try. There were 2 enemies out in that front entrance area. I had checked there before, but I’d never seen 2 out there. Maybe that was the difference.