Base attack - most of the soldiers are in unreachable rooms

I have a Pandorian attack on one of my base, but when the attack starts the base has rooms that are not connected and most of my soldiers are stuck there. Anyway to force a new randomization of the base layout? The issue is that I can either abandon the base attack but loose all my soldier or stuck for either as I cannot be killed or cannot kill all the attackers

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I would report it as a bug via F10.

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Have you a screen shot you can put up?

I just activated an infested base that had enemy placed in walled off facilities. This appears to be a bug for some base designs. I’ve reported at least 2 so far.

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Well, apparently, if you restart mission enough times, you can get lucky enough to have enough soldiers in the ‘common’ zone. I did report the bug, I was hoping for some command to force a new map for the base.

I have always found the placement of units at the start of a base defense the biggest broken thing in the game. It hasn’t changed since day 1 (except for the newly introduced bad maps in Polaris). One gets 24 hours notice of the attack and the majority of the squad is off in some corner watching porn or something. While 3 units are standing right in the line of fire.

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I, instead, have always found the Base Defence a bit boring (reported but I guess too late for the party); I have to say that at least having the soldiers a bit more spread within the base (with the new base maps*) makes it a little more challenging.

*: I had just one attack since I started a new campaign in Polaris, so I don’t have much experience so far.

I agree. However you may have 0 soldiers at the base and arrive with an aircraft at the last minute (this actually happened for me).

Regardless, I would much prefer to start with all soldiers grouped in a random position, and have destructible things around the base that the attackers could target while you’re far, just like haven defenses. Each destructible destroyed would mean some damage to the room it was in.

This would:
1 - make you rush as you don’t want your rooms destroyed
2 - facilitate at least SOME damage to the base in case of an invasion
3 - give time to attackers to move so that they’re not bottlenecked and can spread more
4 - give the player the option of moving as a unit to face the threat or letting the faster soldiers take enemies by themselves with more risk

This assumes that the soldiers don’t know where attackers will come from. If they do, they should just place a lot of sentries or mines there dammit :joy:

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The bug was fixed, now all the rooms are connected. No more stranded/unreachable soldiers

Untrue, I have latest patches and it just happened to me just now…1/2 my squad behind an barrier and cannot get to terminal to face the attackers.

Bumping…any hotpatch on the horizon to fix this?

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Have taken a break gaming and moved to a new house (thus tons of cleaning/painting). Came on tonight, was glad to see 2 new patches since my last login. Loaded up my game and watched my Phoenix defensive force are still in a back part of base that cannot access the hanger room…2 vehicles in base trapped back there. I verified my files with no resolve…Anything else I can do?

Other than F10 report it as bug. The initial placement had been an issue since day 1. It looks as if the devs like it that way. But, if enough bug retorts blip on the radar, perhaps they will rethink it.

Have you tried reloading the save file BEFORE the mission?
Maybe the base layout will be generated differently this time?

Yes, I did attempt that. I am thinking I just need to start a new game since no one else seems to be experiencing this. Thank you for the suggestion.