Pheonix Point install error on Epic client


I’ve just tried to redeem my early backer code, as sent in the email, on the Epic client.

All is good, but when I try to install it returns the error message "install failed - could not download installation information (error code MD-0011).

Is this because it hasn’t been released yet (only 90mins to go!)?

I’d assume you could pre-install it…

Any help welcome,



It hasn’t been released yet. Release is 7pm GMT on Tuesday. So about 20 hours

So this is why I’m getting the error code?

I assume once it hit 7:01pm everything should work?

Nope, it’s already past 7pm GMT here (in singapore), and I’m unable to download the game as well. Same as OP, I’m getting the same error message when trying to download. Extremely disappointing. Game isn’t able to download even after multiple restarts of the epic game client.

Please assist.

a day later.
The game is ready for download in 20 hours.

True potato? 7pm GMT Tuesday (so 3 am Wednesday Singapore time). Not Monday 7 pm Singapore time.

Release rage begins… Where is the counter? :smiley: (maybe it wasn’t so bad idea?)

Here you go:

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Doesn’t look official enough. :smiley:

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Oh dear! GMT is London time (Greenwich Mean Time). Singapore time code is SGT (Singapore Time). See the planet’s time zones map:


For me they said 11Am Pacific Time;) And Im living in Europe;) Any how its couple of hours away.

11am pacific is 7pm GMT. The game will be released in 6 hours and 15 minutes world wide from the time this post was made :+1:t2:

Snapshot should have announced the release for Dec. 4th, and then anytime during the 3rd could say “A-ha! SURPRISE! Game is ready to install, like, right now!”. And all would be happy


I am sure some would find reason to be upset. Do same time release, and people are upset it comes on an inconvenient time for them, or a calendar day after, make a staggered release, and people will complain that someone can play the game before they do. You can’t win.

I live in Floridia and 3pm isn’t a bad time for it to be released, if it was 7pm here, that would be quite inconvenient.

Like it really matters.

The ability to pre-load the game would’ve been nice, can’t wait to play the full release!

Goddamn it i wanna play it before its 20pm in europe, at least give us a chance 2 pre load the game, so we can enjoy it when the release hits the late americas…

They currently prepare to upload it to Epic Games so there is no copy to pre-load. :smiley:

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7 mins! :smiley:

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