Phase One mission consistent load screen crash

Every time I attempt to deploy to the first New Jericho loyalty mission, the loading bar starts at roughly 5%, shifts a few pixels along over a couple seconds, then the same simply closes. No error message at all, simply closes

The mission location is the Island of Sardinia to the west of Italy. An auto save is triggered when deploying to the mission so no progress is lost, but every time I enter the load screen after selecting the squad load out, it crashes in the same fashion. Moving to nearby locations to explore and then return produces the same crash

The squad setup is as follows

Assaults are all equiped with a Bulldog AR-50, Medkit, Bulldog ammo Readied. Wearing Banshee Helmet, Neural Torso, Propeller Legs
2 Snipers are equiped with a Pythagoras VII, Cypher HG, Medkit Readied. Wearing Banshee Helmet, Banshee Body Armour, Propller Legs. Cypher ammo clip stored in Body
1 Sniper is equiped with a Pythagoras VII, Hepheastus II, Medkit Readied. Weaing Banshee Helmet, Odin Body Armour, Propller Legs. Hepheastus and Pythagoras ammo stored in Body

Is there a way to get around this issue? It’s my first campaign and I’ve been setting up for allying with New Jericho, if I can’t progress past this it kind of ruins the run through and I’ll probably need to start over

This seems to me clearly a bug, I did this mission today and had no problem.
Load the save before the mission and press F10 to send an ingame report to the devs. This way they get your save and can look deeper in your issue.

What you additionally can do is to verify your game files via the Epic launcher. Just to be save that there is nothing corrupted in your local files.

ah ha. That actually did the job. I ran the local files verification (I’m using steam not epic) and there was one file that needed replacing. Just booted it up and started the mission without crashing!

Thanks for the reminder about verifying files, I’d forgotten to try that before posting

I didn’t know about F10 bringing up a bug report feature, I’ll remember that for next time

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