Does not load level

Trying to “Deploy”, the game either writes: “An error has occured…” or hangs at the “Loading screen”.
Running Catalina 10.15.1 OS X.

Same issue. Trying to defend one of multiple Havens under attack just causes an infinite loadscreen. It happens after a couple of hours in game. Really funny shit.

I’m experiencing infinite loadingscreens on a mission aswell. The specific one is called “Chism” I suspect it is because of loading of a video or the landing of your craft.

Same issue - stuck on the loading screen with the Scarab graphic after deploying into a Haven defense mission. Windows 10 i.e. not just a MacOS issue

When this happens, would you guys use the F12 bug reporter so that the QA Team can see what’s going wrong please?

Having the same issue, just submitted a bug report using F12.