Infinite loading screen in story mission (To Antarctica)

Hello, I have a problem with infinite loading screen.
I’m doing numbers of missions (20-30) without any problems and then there is a one, that doesn’t load. If I try another mission it’s working without any issues. Up till today I had that problem with 3 missions and I just skipped them, because they were not mandatory. But now that problems refers to story mission - To Antarctica, which I can’t skip :frowning:
How it looks specificaly: I have one loading screen and loading is little faster than usual and then loading bar reaches 100% and ANOTHER loading screen appears. Loading bar reaches around 80% and… thats it. I tried to wait up to 5 minutes, but nothing happens.
Any ideas?
I have recent drivers, game files are on SDD disk and above all - I don’t have any problems with 95% of the missions. Anyone?


Did you try to verify the game installation and/or reinstall the game? Where are you playing the game?

How can you do the verification:

Steam: Go into Library>right click on Phoenix Point>Properties>Local Files>Verify integrity of game files

Epic: How do I verify game files in the Epic Games Launcher? - Technical Support

GOG Galaxy: Choose Phoenix Point in your library and on top next to install/play there is drop down menu where you choose Manage installation - Verify /Repair

Thank you, I will try it.
The thing is that - as I wrote earlier - I play 20-30 missions without any issues and then, without any particular reason, there’s a bug. I skip this mission and play next 20-30 missions… Strange…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Next mission was loaded without problems.