Past Phoenix Groups (Briefing #6 spoilers and speculation)

Per @Yokes request I’ve been going through Briefing #6 and trying to match dates to groups in the hope of sorting things out. I’m not finished, but I have enough to give a brief overview, with reasoning on dates for everything. Also I am likely stealing an entire episode from Retcon Raider here.

1945 - present: The Phoenix Project
1945 is the end of WW2 and saw the founding of the UN, which’d mean the Pheonix Project was founded then to
We play the Phoenix Project in the 'present ’

the 1930s - The Phoenix Working Group
To my knowledge all of Randolph Symes stories take place in the 30s, though he’ll have started earlier, maybe even during the 20s

1917 - 1924 - The Committee for the Investigation of Species-Wide Threats, aka, The Phoenix Committee
1917 - the year Lenin and the Reds came to power
1924 - the death of Lenin and the rise of Stalin and his purges: not great for academics and knowledge, especially secret society ones

1808? - >1853? - Second Phoenix Society
dates from Symes’ notes. Though it likely lasted longer.

1793 - 1805 - France’s Army of the Phoenix
dates from Symes’ notes
1793 - establishment of several very important French Revolution government bodies that suggest thArmy of the Phoenix’s creation was here
1805 - Likely dissolution of the Army of the Phoenix, likely by Napolean. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas will die the next year of stomach cancer. In his later years Dumas was destitute because Napolean refused to pay him his pension.

1259 - 1449 - Friends of the Pheonix
Dates: Supposition based on next group and info from “From the Ashes”
1259 - Creation of Maragheh Observatory by Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. Paid for by Hulagu Khan!?
1449 - Destruction of Samarkand Observatory by religious fanatics. The Samarkand Observatory was directly inspired by the Maragheh one.

813 - 1258 - The First Phoenix Society
813 - Date from Symes’ notes, also Al-Ma’mun comes to power and greatly invests in the House of Wisdom in Bagdahd
1258 - Razing of Bagdahd by Hulagu Khan

300 BC - 30 BC/270 AD/391 AD - Predecessor to Phoenix Society
300 BC - construction of the Library of Alexandria
30 BC/270 AD - The destruction of the Library of Alexandria
391 - The destruction of the Serapeum of Alexandria, aka the daughter of the Library of Alexandria

??? - ??? - The Ancient Hominids, and any other predecessors

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Right so these are the events of significance that Wikipedia lists for the years that I used to base my guesses on.

(Not listed) means that it wasn’t listed in Peter Symes’ recollection of his dad’s chart.
Question marks are for things I’m less sure of than the base value of maybe
:stuck_out_tongue: means it is a joke on my part

813 - Al Ma’mun starts his reign, elevates the House of Wisdom in Bagdahd
830 - “Byzantine–Arab War: Muslim reinforcements from Ifriqiya and Al-Andalus (modern Spain) defeat Byzantine forces under Theodotus in Sicily, but a plague once again compels them to retreat to Mazara del Vallo, and evacuate to North Africa.”?
840 - Vikings make permanent settlements with their first ‘wintering over’, located at Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland (approximate date).?
860 - One year before the assassination of Al-Mutawakkil, under which the House of Wisdom greatly declined.?

1258 (not listed) - Hulagu Khan razes Bagdahd
1259 (not listed) - Nasir_al-Din_al-Tusi established Maragheh Observatory, paid for by Hulagu Khan!?
<1428 (not listed) - Maragheh Observatory destroyed by earthquakes and lack of funding
1428 (not listed) - Ulugh Beg builds a observatory, inspired by the ruins of Maragheh observatory in Samarkand
1449 (not listed) - Samarkand Observatory destroyed by religious fanatics

1793 - The Committee of Public Safety is established in France, with Georges Danton as its head.
The Jardin des Plantes and the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle are created by the National Convention. The museum opens in Paris the following year, and the garden houses one of the first public zoos.
—> Based on these events it is likely that France’s Army of the Phoenix was created the same year
1801 - Thomas-Alexandre Dumas’ release from capitivity in Naples?
1803 - The L’Aigle meteorite falls in Normandy, causing a shift in scientific opinion on the origin of meteorites.?
Napoleon Bonaparte orders the establishment of five military camps to defend the coast of France, located at Bayonne, Ghent, Saint-Omer, Compiègne, Saint-Malo, and one in the occupied Netherlands, at Utrecht. Each one has 20,000 infantry and 2,000 cavalry to defend it.?
1805 - Thomas-Alexandre Dumas is dieing of stomach Cancer, Napolean refused to pay Dumas’ pension due to hatred?
Napolean orders all his troops vaccinated?

1808 - The organizational meeting leading to the creation of the Wernerian Natural History Society, a former Scottish learned society, is held in Edinburgh.?
A volcano erupts from an unknown location in the western Pacific. This causes a localized drop in marine air temperatures during this year, and a worldwide drop in marine air temperature for the following decade.?
1815 - end of the War of 1812?
Napolean escapes Elba?
Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies blows its top explosively during an eruption, killing upwards of 92,000, and propelling thousands of tons of aerosols (Sulfide gas compounds) into the upper atmosphere (stratosphere). The high level gases reflect sunlight, and cause the widespread cooling (known as a volcanic winter) and heavy rains of 1816, causes snows in June and July in the northern hemisphere, widespread crop failures, and subsequently famine, which is why 1816 is later known as the Year Without a Summer.?
The Great September Gale of 1815 is the first hurricane to strike New England in 180 years.?
The Chassigny Martian meteorite falls in Chassigny, Haute-Marne, France.?
1818 - Frankenstein is published?
Ozymandias poems are published?
At least 34 people are killed in Switzerland, when the melting of a glacier releases the natural dam of Lac de Mauvoisin, sending the waters of the lake and the Dranse River into the valley of Bagnes.?
1822 - The Galunggung volcano erupts on West Java, and is followed four days later by a second, more violent outburst; the two events kill more than 4,000 people and destroy 114 villages.?
An earthquake near Valparaíso, Chile kills around 200, causes a tsunami and raises the coastal area.?
Coffee is no longer banned in Sweden. :stuck_out_tongue:
1824 - Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron), the British poet, dies at the age of 36 in the Greek city of Missolonghi, where he had taken ill while making plans to liberate the Greeks from Ottoman rule, “not in combat, but of a fever caught in the unhealthy conditions at Missolonghi… exacerbated, it is generally agreed, by the over-zealous actions of his doctors, who bled him excessively.”?
1825 - Scottish adventurer Gregor MacGregor issues a £300,000 loan with 2.5% interest, through the London bank of Thomas Jenkins & Company, for the fictitious Central American republic of Poyais. His actions lead to the Panic of 1825, the first modern stock market crash, in England. :stuck_out_tongue:
1833 - A very spectacular occurrence of the Leonid meteor shower is observed all over North America, and is the inspiration for the song Stars Fell on Alabama.?
A major 8.7 earthquake strikes Sumatra.?
1853 - The Wernerian Natural History Society falls into decline as it’s founder is dieing?

So based on this very sketchy and sparse research, I’m guessing that “The Founder” mentioned in “From the Ashes” is al-Ma’mun.

The stuff regarding Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and Ulugh Beg is too on the nose to not be a part of the story, which brings up the question of why it wasn’t on Randolph Symes’ wall.

I mean Peter may have forgotten it, but that seems unlikely as he wrote everything done. He may have chosen not to mention it which again begs, why?

The stuff I’m least sure about is the 1808-1853 stuff. That said, if accurate, there are a lot of important people dying 1 year after the last date given in Symes’ notes before a gap appears, presumable signalling the end of a Phoenix group. Also, General Sergey Sokolnikov’s mission is in 1923, one year before Lenin’s death

Feel like this is a good starting point from retcon raider. Maybe a collaborative Google doc master thread of spoilers would be better?

@King_Rook you did great job. I don’t have time for such things now unfortunately, but I love to rank and segregate things, make charts and stats, etc. :slight_smile:

I’ve got nothing on Retcon though