Paralysis does not lead to MIA or KIA

Played lair mission on rookie
Killed spawnery and most of enemies, they kept spawning
All soldiers evacuated but one
He got caught in infamous triton paralysis pistol fire
First bug: when near paralyzed he dropped to 1AP for no real reason
After that he was fully paralyzed by a Triton by close attack (no pistol)
End mission screen popped up, but soldier is still alive and well

So something is not right with paralyses mechanics.
Steam YOE 1.9.2

No, this is intented.

If all your operatives evac except the fully paralazed ones, the paralyzed ones will be fine.

If you think about it, it works exactly the same with paralyzed aliens: you always capture fully paralyzed aliens.

As you say, counceller.

Normally, paralyzed unit by aliens used to be MIA or KIA, as it did not evacuate

I’m not sure when it was changed, I saw this at least as far back as 1.7. My guess is that this is to prevent the player from having to defend a paralyzed operative for 10+ turns.

Only it doesn’t really prevent it because most players don’t know about this :slight_smile:

Except the judicious and thorough readers of the Mentaculus, of course :wink: