Hanging On Overwatch Kills Of Mindfraggers

Twice now I’ve had the game hang when killing a Mindfragger using Overwatch (pretty sure it was the heavy killing it both times, but I’m not positive the first one was the heavy killing it.) The game goes into the overwatch cinematic, and then becomes unresponsive, even after several minutes.


This happened to me too, except I had an engineer and an assault both over watching. The assault finished it off, then the game hung up.

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Yeah, this happens to me too! It hung when I overwatch killed a Mindfragger with my heavy, I had to restart the game. Then it hung when an alien killed a turret on my turn. I think it might have something to do with the camera and units dying on the alien turn.

Can also confirm this bug, happened to me when an assault killed the mindfragger during overwatch. Hopefully this will get fixed in the coming updates

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When camera is not moving for some time try to press ‘F’ on keyboard.