Game too difficult on rookie

I love to play games in Ironman mode but on the easiest settings, done that plenty of times with Xcom 2 and it´s for the most part been a blast.

Some of the games functionalities are a bit hidden, like what does stealth mean? How does it work?

Anyway, I was doing my first lair, killed 2 mindfraggers, 3 launcher crabs and a chameleon thing.(can´t remember their name). If I only advance with one to scout and he is caught hell will rain down upon him or he might get mind controlled, I tried to keep my team separated while moving forward but another Mindfragger came into view and another 3 launcher crabs pretty much decimated my team.

The problem is not the damage itself, it was that on all soldiers hit at least one arm got disabled and no more guns for anyone apart from snipers who do have a pistol. It turned into a retreat mission which I failed horribly. The problem I had was the space I was advancing in was extremely tight, had to advance in pairs and the launcher crabs hit all 3 pairs.

A few other missions also presented me with some spiked challenges that I felt do not belong in rookie mode. I guess I hate saving/reloading and will never do it, as for anyone else it´s their game and they should do as they please, it´s their fun.

Also the inconsistency in what can be destroyed and shot through is weird, had a bench I couldn´t shoot through to hit an alien at a crucial part in a mission. That really p***** me off.

I like having a smooth time in games, enough challenges in real life to deal with.

PS: The first game I tried, the one with the tutorial was actually far easier than the other ones I have started on rookie without the tutorial. Did lairs without the same numbers of enemies as the next rookie games, maybe there is something odd with the difficulty choices.

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I feel you. Playing on the easiest mode aswell to test the game cause I know it’s just half done.
Even on rookie is feels like I am playing on normal difficulty. I wonder what they change between the modes for real.


I don´t know if you started a new game without the tutorial, I just did with the tutorial enabled and there are noticeable fewer enemies in the early missions with the tutorial on. Maybe it´s just a coincidence.

Hey :slight_smile:
Just in case that can help, note that than when you’re in the map view, on the bottom right you have an encyclopedia, phenix pedia or can’t tell how it’s called in english, that repertory most (if not all?) effect you encountered.

Also, on mission, you can clic on ennemy for seeing more info about their part and effect and what triger them / what part to aim to disable them. It should greatly help dealing with gatling crabs and some pain cameleons on early stages of game :slight_smile:

But this being said, i must agree that even on easiest mode, the game can became pretty challenging o_x I’m an old xcom and firaxcom player that play on nightmare usualy, but damn, i droped from hard to normal to finaly easy on this game, and i sometime still be kicked on the butt by some sirens and mortar thingies xD

well, if you are a beginner can not cope with the game…laughter and only…play chess in reality and you will be happy ,then in the game I mean it will be easier (I Arnol on the beginner people can not pass)

To be honest, I play strategy games since 35 years! And yea, this game is very hard even on low settings because the amount of types of aliens you engage increases in very short terms. You get sirens and artillery monstersas enemies after around 5 hours of gameplay, where you just start to develop your base and soldiers.
That´s very unforgiving and keeping player´s fromn this game unfortunately. Didn´t like that very much to be honest.


I was wondering what you were talking about and then I found out. I entered a map and a huge thing ate 6 rockets to the face and about 6 sniper bullets, it was sort of screaming, in the meantime I was being bombarded by two mortar thingies I could under no circumstances reach, they were too far back …

While I was pondering what to do as I was running out of medkits the game got stuck on the alien screen …

I want easy … to be easy … is that too much to ask?

Hehe yeah, to be honest all this scream tower and the mortar are “not so hard” to deal with once you expect them and with a little gear in the backpack (all my dudes have 2 medkits each now xD). But the issue i have is that at almost every new alien type encounter, it end by the death of at least one soldier, if not a full wipe. I may have became extremly bad at this kind of game but i must say this one have a really challenging learning curve, even on easy xD

Little tips if it ever can help

For the screaming turret; shoot the 3 heads from as far as possible with sniper and you should be good, they triger only if you’re too close, and their shoot reduce WP with an efficiency that decrease with distance. At 18 tiles and more from them, you loose nothing. For the mortar dudes; they have a really bad view from themself, but will share their allies view. If you go out of view, they will stop shooting at you (or anyway with a reaaaaaaly lower accuracy :p)

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the mortars I am talking about were sent from across the map, from one end to the other. There were two of them and each shoots 3 volleys. My guys were still near the entrance and we were getting bombed by mortars from the other end of the map … but as I said … the game sort of got stuck.

A built in trainer would at least alleviate the risk of installing viruses into our systems, though we could decompile/extract the trainer DLL’s for inspection it’s a pain. Re-doing missions endlessly is boring and random gen PLUS permanent death doesn’t work that well in a system with only so many states available. I mean if you wanted to keep it “in-game” then at least remove permadeath for characters on the lowest difficulty and make them take a week to recover or something. It’s possible the progenitor of the xcom style isn’t aware but some of us play our characters pretty personally and if one dies it’s a re-start. :slight_smile:

I would never attempt to play Xcom1 or 2 on anything but easy unless modded. I am finding playing PP on normal just right for me, so I am wondering how you are finding it to hard to play.

When faced with a problem in Xcom 2, you have say, 5 options, 4 of them being suicide. In PP your options are only restricted by your imagination. Try different tactics to those you might have used in Xcom1 or 2.

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Considering on the easiest difficulty you can lose a squaddie to a volley of shots before they’ve even really made a choice, tactics haven’t even entered the building in any meaningful way at that point. I’ll concede that this could be due to taking a mission before being prepared for what was in it, but without any sort of foreshadowing it’s not intuitive, it’s basically “some missions are unwinnable without squad death, deal with it.”, which was normal in the 80’s and 90’s, we got that, games evolved though, more metrics exposed so that risks could be established prior to decisions. Having said that I do love this game to bits so far, just dying for a trainer mode so i can dig in rather than skirting the edges scared for my little troopers lives :stuck_out_tongue:

There may sometimes be a problem with enemy already being on top of you at the beginning of a mission, but I would imagine this is reflect the original game were the aliens were already outside of your landing craft making just getting into the field a daunting task.

This is not X-com baby. This is X-com.

I think that only happened to me once, an ambush event, and i blasted their little beaks right off… though then i had to slowly crawl to the edge to extract, not sure if there was meant to be other enemies but it was just a boring slog - other games deal with this by free roaming outside of combat, makes that stuff way more tolerable. The disappearing baddie faction mission was the one where my dudes got trapped in goo and then just plugged relentlessly by invisible gunfire until dead, so there were no choices in that one it was all one round - trapped - begin plugging, no further tactics because trapped, then dead. Which was a bit harsh :stuck_out_tongue: