Outer circle shots missing

Not the problem I’m having, thanks. The reticle clearly read Mindfragger. And in any case, if I was dead on my own soldiers head, I should have hit him, but I didn’t hit him either.

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I have experienced missed shots with goddam worms! Are they bobbing and weaving too???

No - there is a bug in the system. Quit trying to gaslight us.

Are all the circles covering the worm?

Thats a silly question. Of course they are. There would be no point in sharing this were it otherwise.

what weapon? and how close was the worm?

They are “breathing”, they get thick and down to normal.
A screenshot could help to look what happen.
I never experienced a missed shot when both circles are clearly covering a worm.

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Were there any blades of grass about? Sometimes these little objects get in the way.

I’ve noticed that I sometimes miss aimed shots when the enemy is too near.
I think that the point from which you fire is different from when using snap shots, and the “barrel” that is fired through clips through the model, and thus it fires behind it.
I’ve only seen this bug on extreme close range with aimed shots.