Free aim Missed OUTSIDE of reticle

I looked over the current feed backs and i saw a few people who missed shots due to animation. I would just like to point out something that has happened to me that I don’t see others reporting on. While taking shots with my sniper shots would land far out side my reticle this happened three times in one game causing me to lose a winning game.

Now its my understanding that all shots even bad ones should land on the tip of the red circle. But is there a chance that shots can leave the reticle all together? If so this seems to go against mission statement of eliminating the RNG issues of past x-coms.

This issue being said. I’m a huge fan and I LOVE what i’m seeing so far. Can’t wait for more! :smiley:

Just happened with my sniper as well: was aiming for the queen’s left pincer, my red circle covered entirely by the highlighted pincer, but my shot missed. She didn’t flail away, either, but stood still.

And again, on the next shot. The second time, she may have moved, though.

Yay! I’m not crazy. I like the idea of limiting RNG in this way but it only limits RNG rage (see: missing on 95% shots) if things like this are a non issue.

Fixing this and other aim based issues is going to be very important for the basic gameplay loop. Otherwise you will have just as much keyboard throwing as the RNG in Friaxcom.

It’s important to be wary of thinking of RNG as some kind of ‘issue’ in tactical games or as something which needs ‘limiting’ or ‘eliminating’. RNG calculations are at the core of what makes engagements realistic and interesting.

It really is up to the player to learn why a 95% shot can miss. Game developers have become so concerned with players misperception of RNG to the point where they are prepared to manipulate the RNG in their games to game breaking degrees…

…as a consequence we now have tactical games which manipulate the RNG in favour of the player, just so they become less upset at losing streaks… game breaking.

…we have games which have ranged attacks that cannot miss, e.g, throwables with 100% success rate… this is about as broken as a soccer game where players can never miss a penalty kick.

…we have tactics games which try to cleanse the RNG mechanics out of the game almost to the point where there is no ‘game’ left at all. The perception that having less RNG management in a tactics game makes it more skill based is completely wrong, it’s the exact opposite.

Developers seem more likely to respond to complaints against RNG and they now look to find ways to minimise such outcry’s, much to the detriment of the tactics genre. I’ve only played the PP demo briefly, I did notice the UI seemed a little shy to clearly display info on %'s etc.

I’m sure in this game they will figure out better ways of explaining the mechanics through better UI.

I notice that when I’m in free-aim mode, enemies’ idle animations continue to go through and occasionally what I’m aiming at suddenly isn’t for a second. Is it possible for an enemy’s animation to cause a shot to go wide?

I guess this may explain these misses. I’ve had particular trouble trying to shoot off the Queen’s pincers, but I’ve noticed she also tends to swing those left and right, so maybe that’s just it.

I also managed to fire a rocket at myself (and her) just now, since she was standing on top of me. I did have a red aim dome over my crabman target, but she apparently moved again when I fired, and so she blocked the missile, and it hit us instead.

If these movements are the sole reason for misses, I think it’s perfectly fine :wink:

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