OpenGL support on Macs

So I read the notice about dropping Linux support. I don’t have much of an opinion on it, but one thing I was concerned about is more on the mac side and its OpenGL support.

The thing with Mac is that its pretty much that OpenGL is going to be removed either in 10.15 or 10.16. OpenGL on Macs have been garbage since forever. And with Mojave OpenGL is now officially ‘deprecated’. Just like 32-bit support on Macs, this is a pretty big signal that OpenGL is dead on macs. They’re pushing Metal and going down OpenGL on a Mac at this point is a recipe for disaster when Apple kills OpenGL in the fairly near future. Even Aspyr is going back and redoing their old games in Metal (Medieval 2 was remade in Metal just this week)

Unless you’re using Molten on Macs (the Vulcan API that works with Metal) I don’t see how you support Macs using OpenGL when you could be scrambling to rip out OpenGL just as you release the game in 2019

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they will drop macOS support then and say it is to hard to work with a new api

Yes… please my friends make use of the Metal APIs for our Macbook Pros out there… I’d really like playing it nicely on a MBP15/2018 with a Radeon Pro 560X…

I tried with my old MBP13/2015 and the beta 2 was not playable.
But with my current, new MBP15 I’d really like to… Strategy games like these are my only survived areas of gaming :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Thanks

“So last year we announced that OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenCL are deprecated. They will continue to be supported in iOS 13 and MacOs Catalina, but now is the time to move”

So you have at least on MacOS version in the future that will support OpenGL. But each new MacOS version will have a higher and higher chance of OpenGL being totally dead in the water.

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