ODI not decreasing

Prior to the mission, the ODI index was 17 percent. After destroying the nest, the ODI ratio was still 17 percent.
Is this just a UI problem or a serious game flaw?

  1. If this is a serious mistake, when are you planning to fix it?
  2. Will the patch take into account nests destroyed by the player?

Hi, I saw your F12 in-game report. You are playing on the hardest difficulty (legend). This is neither a serious game flaw nor an UI problem. This is part of new difficulty settings.

Now ODI decrease depends on your difficulty (the higher the difficulty the less will ODI decrease after destroying the Pandoran colony). As you are playing on the highest difficulty and you destroyed “just” a nest the impact on ODI is actually that small that it does not even move 1 point.


Thanks for the quick reply. To be honest, you should mention this in the article about the Leviathan patch.
But at the end of the day, a message from you is like a breeze of spring. I’m happy.

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Oh for fucks sake I should have known that beforehand ! Now it feels like I’m fighting some artificial unbeatable timeout instead of Pandorans … Thanks.

Also, doesn’t that mean that I’m better off waiting for Nests/Lair to evolve into Citadels ??

Not necessary. Let say that taking out Nest resets ODI by 0.5. Probably Lair takes back 1 ODI and CItadel 2 (I’m guessing). You need to remember that if there is a Lair it was merged from 2 Nests. So taking 2 Nests would have the same impact as Lair. But Nests are less difficult.

Today i destroyed two lairs and one two nests - ODI did not change at all.

There is scripted event, something with array of connected hearts, and when I choose to destroy it text states that ODI is reduced by 5, but there is no reduction, ODI stays the same. Got that scripted event in 3-4 playthroughs and ODI never realy goes down.

Yea, it seems to keep going up. It’s hard to not read it as silly static progress bar, disconnected from your actions.

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Interesting, Maybe you don’t know but ODI is not an integer. It has decimal values, but of course UI doesn’t show this to not complicate players life. I will… well MAYBE I will check it later if there is no change or the change is so small it can’t be noticed. Or maybe someone else will do it?

My experiences especially from yesterday’s gameplay on medium difficulty:
Shortly before the end of the game, there were 4 heaven attacks almost simultaneously and I was only able to defend one, resulting in 3 citadels and 1 lair. The destruction of the first citadel did not reduce the ODI at all, the 2nd decreases it by 1 point, the 3rd again nothing and the Lair then again 1 point down. So overall, the destruction has an impact on the ODI, but it seems to be very little, at least in my endgame with over 60 % ODI.

TBH, until this thread I didn’t even notice that the ODI did decrease. I thought it was a global indicator of the inexorable spread of the Pandoravirus, which acted as an in-game timing mechanism. It’s not like the Avatar Project, where taking out a research facility can put the brakes on the project - it’s more like the spread of a pandemic: slow, insidious and ultimately unstoppable.

Previously it decreased. Simple Nest could reset counter by 1 ODI point on Veteran or Hero difficulty (I don’t remember which option I have chosen then). This was only way (except few rare Events?) to put aliens back in their progression (in global invasion/timer - not in their research/evolution).

Ah, that might be why. I only ever encountered one Nest before everything turned into Lairs. Since I tend to ignore Lairs and only bother with Citadels, I probably never noticed if that affected the ODI.

I have got similar event (destroy pumpkin head). ODI should be reduce by 5, but stays the same.

Could you please submit this in-game with the F12 bug report and we can have @gamingmechanoid take a look into it.

Just explored a site that reportedly reduced ODI by 5. However, prior to this the ODI was 50% and stayed at 50%.

So one would assume at Veteran Level and taking out 2 citadels back to back, the ODI meter should drop at least 1-2%. Not the case – At Veteran Level my ODI was at 87% and taking out 2 Citadels back-to-back and the ODI did not budge at all.

Yeah, I am having this issue on vet level. I saw NJ take out a lair and the ODI dropped back about 4%. I then took a remaining citadel and (supposededly small) lair and it didn’t drop a single point.

I had this issue on Heroic. ODI at 98%. Took out 2 Citadels & 1 Lair back-to-back in a single run. ODI did not budge a fraction. Then it jumped by 2 and I lost the game.

At 98% it’s time to start a new game.