Is ODI proportional to the number of havens destroyed? Is destroying Pandoran bases supposed to lower ODI?

Is ODI proportional to the number of havens destroyed? Is destroying Pandoran bases supposed to lower ODI?

It is not connected to the number of havens destroyed but our plan is to make it like that:

Destroying Pandoran bases does lower ODI but only slightly. It also depends on the difficulty. The higher the difficulty the less it will lower ODI.

So taking newly formed nests is better than targeting full blown citadels? As the ODI increases, the odds of finding nests is nil. The best one can accomplish currently is slowing the rapid increase in the ODI. Looking forward to what the planned changes will bring.

by difficulty do you mean the game in general or the difficulty level of the nests being extreme?

He meant difficulty set at the start of new campaign.

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Yeah, I meant difficulty level which you choose at the start of the campaign.

Destroying Lair decreases ODI more than destroying Nest and destroying CItadel decreases ODI more than destroying Lair. So to answer @mcarver2000 I think it actually is not a big difference. Destroying Citadel helps more but you can’t destroy as many of them as Nests.

As I said before the decrease is small after all. Currently ODI works kind of like a timer where you can buy a bit more time by destroying Pandoran bases.

From Leviathan (early March) patch notes:

If the player does nothing to stop the Pandorans:
Easy - The game should end in 6 months in-game
Normal- The game should end in 5 months in-game
Hard - The game should end in 4 months in-game
Very Hard- The game should end in 3 months in-game

Beyond ODI differences. What difference does difficulty make?

Curious as my first playthrough attempt was on veteran, and it got very hard (+30 attack strength Pandoran’s). Playing now on rookie and the attack strengths suddenly jumped from 4-15 to 25-30.

I will say that I’m kicking butt much more, since I know the game better this time round and have experimented with weapons I didn’t use on certain classes last time (eg shotgun when in close range on my assault guys, deimos AR on my heavies for when at long range to a target, hel 2 cannon at close range).

I had just assumed that the rise in attack strength would be more gradual based on the difficulty level selected.

Also wasn’t there a living armor DLC? I remember something about that back on my first play through, but I don’t see anything to tick for that when starting a new campaign.

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Some differences between difficulties:

Starting soldiers: 6 on Easy, 5 on Normal, 4 on Hard and Very hard

Soldier stats: Different starting stats - Speed is always 14 but Strength and Willpower vary: 20 STR and 9 WP on easy, 18 STR and 8 WP on Normal, 16 and 7 on Hard and 14 and 6 On Legend. These stats apply also to the soldiers you hire later in the game. So with a higher difficulty, you are hiring worse soldiers.

Starting resources: 200 Tech, 800 Materials, and 400 Food on Easy. 150, 600, and 300 on Medium, 100, 500, and 200 on Hard and 80 400 150 on Legend.

Starting Equipment: 10 medkits and grenades on Easy, 2 on Legend.

Recruiting soldiers: On Easy and medium you are hiring soldiers with armor and equipment. On Hard with armor only and on Legend without anything.

Ah interesting. Thanks.

It may have been just an anomaly, but … Playing at Veteran level with the ODI at 72%. Generally if I take out a Lair or Citadel (by killing Syclla), the ODI hardly changes and if it does, it;s only 1%. I just finished a Citadel Mission where I took the time to take out all of the enemy prior to evac’ing. This brought the ODI down to 70%.

EDIT: The ODI crept up to 71% and I found another Citadel. This time I only bothered to kill the Scylla (and a few other Pandorans for protection). This time the ODI only dropped 1%. Within a few hours the ODI bounced right back to 71%.

EDIT Redux: ODI climbed back up to 72% and I took the time to totally clear out a Citadel. However, there seems to be a bug with the evac that does not always give one the credit of clearing the base. I only got +10 (not the +15) faction bonus. Again, the ODI only dropped 1%. (For the record I verified that there were no enemies left by reloading the save prior to evac and used the Console Command to remove the Fog of War.)