ODI increase appears far too rapid on Hero and Legend

I have lost multiple campaigns on hero and legend since the Derlath patch. All of them from running out of time with the ODI.

I know the plan is to change the ODI, but this didn’t seem to be a big issue prior to Derlath.


That’s cos it changed with Derleth.

Personally, it ruins the higher difficulty levels for me. Given my busy schedule, I get to play 1 game in the mornings before work, which will take me around 5-6 months to complete. So I like to take my time and savour the experience. Legendary especially forces me to race towards the finish line, and frankly that’s just no fun, so I don’t play on it.

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It says if the player does nothing to stop the pandorans.
I’m hitting every alien base that I find - and very little or no reduction to ODI.

As you mentioned, it becomes a race and you had better know the specific research to accomplish in order to advance - because the clock keeps moving.

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Yea, lost my first playthrough when the Leviathan patch nerfed the ODI reduction for Lairs & Citadels. I had 2 Citadels and a Lair lined up for a cheeze-run to get the ODI down from 98%. Hit all 3 without even stopping for breath in between them - and the ODI didn’t budge!

As far as I can tell I lost that game by 2 hours - but for all I know there was another hoop to jump through after the Virophage Research.

i see the same thing on normal even. it seems to shift early vs late game though. removing a lair early = major hit to ODI (usually 2-3 point reduction). late game, even with LESS active alien bases, removing a CITADEL sometimes did not even reduce the ODI counter a single point. just paused it. I think there is some kind of scaling going on, depending on how well you have done and how much research you have accomplished.

I did a couple of Hero runs after they amped up the ODI, and found them to be no fun at all. Instead of being able to enjoy the game, I’m forced to rush to the endgame. I’ll wait until the fix they have planned comes out before I return to the harder levels. In the meantime I’m forced to play Veteran and just experiment.

yeah, I’m done with this until it comes out on Steam, then gets another patch after that.

THEN I’ll try it again.

it’s gettin there though, slowly but surely (?)