Time to bring back the ODI

I think the ODI should be brought back and if possible allow the option to between the ODI or the human population Index.
The ODI was easily exploited in the day early of phoenix point release, but now as they have update the game so much with many new features it ODI has in design become a for fitting element of phoenix.

I say keep both ODI and HPC.

I say keep the HPC (cos it’s basically the ODI in disguise), but bring back all the spooky messages of weird behaviour patterns every time it goes down 5 ticks.


Agree. HPC makes more intuitive sense, but ODI adds narrative flavour.

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Mike will you share this on cc channel? I don’t have time as I’m finalizing sell of my old apartment and moving all the goods by myself right now. Busy RL at the moment. Had to give up learning of game development too.

I have only seen the HPC, since I got the game as soon as it released in steam.

So far, I think the HPC is kind of perfect to set ticking clock element of the game, to keep the progress using the number of living humans also fits the theme perfectly well.

What features have been lost compared to the previous iteration mechanic?

Many good story elements, every 10% down we got a message with some nice telling and also some effects (for instance loosing x stamina on all soldiers).
The ODI was also just a doomclock, but it was a bit more complicated to understand. Destroyed pandoran bases stalling it, destroyed havens increased the down rate etc pp.


Oh, the story elements seem like a neat inclusion. Yeah, that would be cool to have integrated back with the new HPC.

Even could be an additional source of balance. Providing more negative effects for Legend, more positive effects for Easy and somewhat in between for Veteran. I wonder why those features were not included in the HPC…

Also those types of difficulty settings seem the ideal stuff players could enable/disable to tune difficulty. Not providing difficulty settings is one of the things I understand less of the SG approach.


True, it gave the immerse sense of urgency.

Also I don’t actually like the “flavour” of HPC as a metric, but it is probably just me. :stuck_out_tongue: It somehow makes me feel lore-wise, like bunch of my guys are heroic defenders of humanity, while all I try to do is to figure out what is going on and how to thwart some devious plans. :stuck_out_tongue: ODI is more about how fucked I am and not how many morons I do not care much about are left alive. :smiley:

But that could also be just a UI switch actually, both are representation of pretty much the same thing, but from different perspective. :slight_smile: