Not enaugh ammo to complete tutorial

I decided to give it another try.
1.9.1 Polaris ALL DLC

I’ve captured an APC (tutorial part 1) and came to the mission to rescue phoenix point operative (tutorial part 2).
This operative had no weapon. Soon my other soldiers and APC used all ammunition.
There was a crate on this map but it was floating in the air at a very high altitude (unreachable).
I think I will wait another year before giving game a try.

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The unit without a weapon has a jetpack and can fly up to the crate. I’m pretty sure the tutorial mentions this.


Yeah it does mention.

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Here is a veteran trick:

Put the 2 Assaults in the vehicle. Saving the rockets of the Scarab for grouped enemies and those with the most armor. Move the vehicle so when the Assaults exit, they have a line of site of an enemy. Exit the vehicle, do not move and take a shot. Straight back into the vehicle. Rinse and repeat.

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Take control of Heavy, and then bring him to the tower with a box. This should activate the script, with a tutorial video.

@Valygar, IMHO, the problem is the lack of Motivation, for the first-priority attachment of Heavy to the Team = you need to show Heavy at the beginning of the mission or after the death of the first enemy.


The whole point of that Tutorial is to teach you how to use the jetpack and equip your Heavy with what’s in the crate.

It even gives you a step-by-step guide about how to do it in the tooltips.

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In this (and next base tutorial mission) you have to use crates to resupply ammo. Use Jetpack to reach the high point, you will have light cannon too. I would save rockets for rebel heavy and one sniper of choice, and aim for the assaults hands when shooting with rifles. Yes, in general, this tutorial mission has many enemies and not so much ammo, so you need to be a bit good.

More ammo on assault soldiers should prevent such situations.

Dont be discouraged that easily, game is quite hard and challenging!

Strange… Why they chose to give smth unrealistic in a tutorial. Like they could make snipers invulnerable. Like you open crate then snipers become killable. Same strange mechanic for me. There is nothing holding this crate. It just levitates

If that is the case, then that is a bug and needs to be reported via the ingame bug reporter (F10).

The scenery near the camera becomes transparent, roll the mouse wheel to adjust the “Floor” of the camera.

No, its on top of the tall building. There is 3D blue light to make it more spot table and visible.

What maybe is not told right is to use middle mouse wheel scroller on mouse to scroll through 3D leveling. Try wheel going up, up and all shall be revealed to you.