Next patch wishes

Auto Rifle also needs a boost. As it stands, having the in-game equivalent of the Kalashnikov or M16 being less effective than a shotgun is ludicrous.

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It’s not just a shotgun, it’s the result of a major scientific breakthrough only possible after performing autopsy on anthropomorphic shellfish.


You have a point, but ARs are still underpowered :wink:

Shoulda called it the ‘Crabbie Cracker’ :lobster:

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Next patch wishes

  • Bring back the grass (cosmetic), perhaps add an option for plantation on and off. I don’t know is it just me or bug because I don’t see any grass at certain map that should have grass there. I tried use ‘Ultra’ detail, still no grass :scream:. Dang these virus made all grass dead! but some trees alive, noottt fairrr :sob:

Edit :

  • Able to take back any havens instead of grey, I want a bit longer to defense and exploring around geoscape instead forcing finish the campaign.

Balance rage burst and infiltration being op.
Fix bugs.

Re-introduce friendly ai soldiers to the game. (probably too early for this)

For AR I’m thinking that the best solution is to give it armor piercing ammo, as suggest by @SpiteAndMalice in this thread Let's fix... weapons balance! . That would be its edge over other weapons, that it can deal with armored and soft targets.

Works for me, but doesn’t that make the NJ Tech Tree slightly irrelevant?

I would say it’s a matter of playing with the numbers to make the NJ weapons sufficiently better. It’s not hard, given that the Piranha is not that good. Make AR armor piercing rounds something like Piranha, and give Piranha a substantial damage boost.

Doubly works for me :grin:

  • there are too few lairs, please expand
  • actually, replace ambush missions with lairs
  • crab-meat is no match for my team: double the frequency of respawn in lairs
  • … heck, add respawn to all tactical missions, you don’t need spineless wimps playing this jewel of a game
  • 3-way faction war is something i sorely miss …
  • give a shovel to beserker because then, at least, they can be used as gravediggers
  • on a strategic level … ability to direct sewage and other wastewater to nest, lairs and such
  • ability to turn sea-people into sushi for extra food source?
  • can we have nukes?

Count me in - I love these missions! :grin: :+1:
They are not too difficult and can be finished in 5 turns or so once you learn the ropes.

You clearly have no pity for our former brothers possessed by Pandoravirus…
I would like to have an option to welcome some of them back into our ranks. I am sure Synedrion could research a technology to do so.
It could be a nice plot. Imagine one of the Sirens abandoning her sisters falling in love with one of our Anu Priest operatives. Unfortunately he cannot answer her feelings: he already vowed celibate to the Exhalted! However there is a young heavy originating from New Jerichon faction. Somehow she realizes that she is into that sort of relationships and that a segmented tail of her new sister-in-arms brings out hidden flame of passion in her! :heart: :scorpion: :rose: :spider_web:

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Next patch wishes

  • Add additional ‘Alert!’ in screen above/below the enemy icon, which enemy had been triggered ‘Alert’, perhaps it can turn it on and off because some player love to play hardcore.


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There is a mod that does that (actually you can choose the opposite if you want, have an icon when they are not alerted). Would be nice to have it in game without mod though.

Yea but I prefer the game base to have that feature rather installing mod. I don’t mean hate modding thingy things, back in the days when I have lots of time to play games I do like create some mod as well *just personal preferences. I don’t know, I might try some mod later but usually I just jump into another game nowadays :sweat_smile:.

Basic Prorities:

  1. Bugifxes. People have said plenty about this.
  2. Weapons and armour balance. Assault rifles become more or less totally useless in favour of shotguns, melee weapon balance is nonsensical, viral weapons are more or less pointless compared to just killing things, heavy armour is garbage to the point getting heavies dual-classed to get them out of it is a top priority, etc etc.
  3. Dynamic difficulty that makes any sense at all. This is a huge part of the game’s problems. If you want to keep the DDAs tendency to punish perfectionist play (and I think you should) then there needs to be a massive overhaul of the recruiment system. It’s one thing for the game to expect me to take losses, it’s quite another to expect it when I have no idea when/if a faction will offer a replacement of the right class and they’ll cost 600 resources if they are available (At least not on the normal difficulty). If I’m expected to take losses routinely, replacing them needs to not eat my budget for the next month.
  4. The geoscape’s UI is awful. There’s no way to sort soldiers by location, no way to quickly move to my bases on the map, trading is a carpal-tunnel inducing mess, recruitment is a boring slog. This whole layer of the game needs some serious tweaking to actually support the tactical gameplay.
  5. The completely random placemnt of havens/bases/missions on the geoscape is a terrible idea, full stop. I’ve had several promising games end through no fault of my own when early-game missions spawned on the opposite side of the world or there was no second base anywhere near me. This is something too important to the game’s progression to be pure RNG as it apparently is currently.

In the longer term (because this isn’t something a single patch can address, I don’t think):
The biggest single issue the game has, for me, is that Project Phoenix is, to be blunt, boring as fuck. (the in-game faction, I mean, not the game) You have no real identity as an organization, the soldiers may as well be clones for all I ever care about them, you’re totally dependent on the factions for recruits and any worthwhile technology, you basically don’t so much develop tools to fight the Pandorans as you borrow or steal them.
The state of the game right now makes me wish I could just play as New Jericho, Synedrion, or the Temple, as they actually have some interesting identity and useful technology, and Project Phoenix just doesn’t. Basically the game currently has four factions, and the player is locked into playing the one with no interesting identity or useful technology, and that just feels wrong to me. I think Project Phoenix needs some ability to actually develop useful anti-Pandoran tools of their own in addition to the useful tech scavenged from factions.


Interesting. You’ve helped me nail down what exactly feels so off about the whole Phoenix Point organisation idea. You are right, playing it, it feels like you are just another faction, but with your hands tied.

What I think they tried to achieve (or, what should be achived) is some sort of upgraded concept of funding countries from the ancient XCOM (old Enemy Unknown). Instead of only money, the factions provide PP with research capabilities and other resources, while PP retains an organisational, top level role. It is fine to start with outdated weaponry and equipment, but the research of other factions should be available for purchase (not just stealing) much earlier. Actually, both the research and manufacturing could be wholly outsourced to havens. Additionally, and in accordance with the organisational role, PP should have an ability to develop influence with not only the individual factions, but also to exert it on the inter-factional relationships (I haven’t seen this, except in the crudest way in the current game). This way, one can steer the entire humanity towards building an unified resistance (or, utter chaos if you feel like it). It seems like the current system can serve as a basis for this (and I like the “starting out as a nobody and then reaching for the stars” pattern that is already in place).

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Just to be sure, there is no need to dual class them to give them an other armor.

Curiously, “legendary” is the easiest mode for that since recruits only cost food and you can then give them any spare equipment you have (like equipment from a fallen soldier).

I’d really like to play as one of the factions, or even the Pandorans :japanese_ogre:

bugfixes and balance changes are key, the game has a huge amount of content in it, so I don’t need extra stuff at this moment in time. I just need what is in the game to be functional and an integral part of the whole…not some half finished afterthought

-bugfixes are obvious, endless pandoran turns. “capture” techs not unlocking when you capture the relevant alien, some weapons refusing to reload despite having abundant ammo for it in the shared stash, failed missions/missed haven defenses staying in the mission que.

-balance is a bit harder, but it ruins the core of the game at the moment, the difference is night and day when playing a “broken” combination (be it skills or equipment) at a high enough soldier level. and its actually very hard to avoid (there are so many…its not just 1 cookie cutter build requiring a specific combination of soldier multi-class and load-out.). a huge amount of developed tools that the played can unlock are so weak that its pointless to use (vehicles, mutogs, advanced melee weapons and heavy armor for example), and others are so ludicrously powerful that employing them turns that soldier into a mission “I win” button.
not that its exclusive to the player, enemies are also…in my opinion… quite poorly balanced. (mortar chiron, the low amount of enemies that actually care about cover in a shootout and are so doing not of the “have to kill it now” category.)

Oh my God, you’re actually right that heavies don’t need to dual-class to wear other armour. I feel silly.
What was happening is that when you select armour during inventory management, by default only armour for your class shows up, even though you can wear anything. So, mark that down as another issue with the strategic UI being bad.
I stand by heavy armour being so useless you want out of it as fast as possible (except maybe the chestpiece for the jetpack) though.

Abso-friggen-lutely! Better than mind controlling one of my soldiers. Probably would be cannon fodder most of the time yeah but if you were able to quickly save them, you’d get some extra firepower to back you up and would definitely mix the defense missions up a bit more depending on those force strengths.

At the very least I wouldn’t mind the camera not annoyingly swinging around once terrain blows up revealing enemies and alerting things, but you’re not able to see because of the forced camera zoom. (Similar complaint for determining how much damage you received on Return Fire when attacking an enemy, having to cancel the zoom caused from targetting to just see how much hp you have left and whether the RF even hurt you or not)

  • Really want these zooms to have a toggle (especially before shooting or entering free aim) or for HP bars to show up in the corners pokemon style or something so I can see the results of my actions as they’re happening since it’s not really obvious based on animations alone or at weird angles.
  • Also want combat animations to have a toggle for faster animations (especially jumps)

I find the helm/chest useful on a character who sits behind low cover in the open more frequently (will literally deter enemies from firing at your unit). I find a full suit particularly useful against specific enemies, as they’ll often just ignore you (not Arthrons, the most frequent alien, mind you). I recall a one armed Siren walking up to one, hitting him, 0 damage, and he return fire and killed it not getting infected. More primarily, the entire Synedrion force is pretty weak vs Heavy Armor minus the Infiltrators/Snipers that can be dealt with using tactics, and the heavy can deal with the other 50% of the team alone as he’s immune to them. Also good against Anu, as their Berserkers tend to miss half their shots, and the Shotgun does only 40dmg per point, and depending on your heavy armor, even at point blank that’s like 40-60 damage maybe. Just laugh at the Anu/Synedrion in heavy armor.

Honestly Snapshot ought to just disable the continent of Antarctica from even having missions. First of all, they don’t have a tileset for it, so it looks like everywhere else in the game (including the jungle maps) which makes zero sense. Second of all, as far as I’m aware, there’s only ONE path to the continent through the southern point of South America, and there’s almost never anything on it. I think it would’ve been cool to put an important story mission in an icy setting on that continent, but since we don’t have that and how inconvenient it can be to the point of kind of ruining a campaign, the continent might as well just be disabled. If it’s going to be used, it should be more special.