New Lair ala Derleth

You are correct…:slight_smile: So I need to know the alternative key on Mac…:slight_smile:

Not sure if this will work for the game overlay but worth a shot

Isn’t it that weird square with squiggly rounded ends?

btw, just did another Lair. That was grat time! Of course DDA isn’t punishing for me at the moment. So there were only 3 sirens, 1 goo chiron, and many shotgun tritons and arthrons with MG + frag grenade (evolved only carapace I think). But went there with Scarab, 1 Heavy (no mutliclass) and 2 technicians (also no multiclass and without mech arms, but each of them had 2 turrets).

Chiron was not so far so after a turn my whole squad could put a bullet in him (but he wasn’t a threat unless you think mobility is essential - and sometimes it is for example if you need to hunt elusive siren). Then Scarab and technicians set a defensive perimeter at top of some higher structure (Scarab was nearby). Then I have sent heavy and 1 technician to kill Spawnery. Aliens were busy fighting entrenched second technician and all 4 turrets and I could easily do the job. When set proper amount of bleeding to Spawnery heavy and technician went for a equipment crate in the other corner of the map. And there was Terror Sentinel… Damn that thing has in ability description written “within a limited range” - but it looks like limited range is more than 21 tiles! Nevertheless, crate had only some ammo (forget to take it so it was left there) and all enemies were dead. Overall nice fight :slight_smile:

One side question,

I wiped out one Citadel, Scylla, every Panda, egg… before Evac
and I received +10 REP for every faction, same as Lairs,

should I get more REP if I kill every Panda? or 10 is the max?

Thanks will try it Latter…:slight_smile:

Your talking about the command key not sure never tried it in game? But I think it would need some kind of combination

I have an on going Lair mission , why Devs exposed so much the Spawnery with Derleth patch?

now it is easier to kill, using snipers and RB, right?

It is harder to kill with most weapons, but yes if you will use such exploit then it will go down fast.

Lairs were supposed to be easier. So they are.

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but you get same REP as Citadels, I think

I was evacuating (next to the zone) after killing the Spawnery, but a Siren took control of one sniper, after killing the Siren, he jumped, terrified, inside a hole, the stairs were blocked with a Chiron corpse, he couldn’t goes back, just staying down there.

I had to used a few grenades (Goliath included) to liberate him.

Maybe not a bug, but that surprised me.

They wanted your sniper to stay with them :wink:

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Yes that is frustrating! Also I find they can jump of a 4 story building but can’t jump over a chair in the office? I have had routs blocked by a chair and even a toilet!!! Seriously they need to be able to move or jump them, like the small fences, they must go round and it screws up your move sometimes. I had a hidden box around a corner and got trapped there and ruined the move and caused a loss in tactical move. It was just one small crate and he could have stepped over it but because it was between a wall and post I had to go right around and lost 8 tiles worth of moves!

They are SO much better now!

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I have another situation few times: if you under Scilla’s ass when kill it, then you can’t move cause it corpse fall on you ))) Maybe fixed already, but when it occur first time I was surprised. After that my melee carefully choose from what side to kill it ))


Nope still happens! BUT… if you blow it up you may be able to get out, the risk is you damage yourself…:slight_smile:

One time there was a soldier with 30-40 hp, so he stand there till the rest of combat )

It always happens with Scyllas, and with Terror Sentinels. Maybe with Chirons too, can’t remember now. I reported it via F12 a while back.

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I did a Lair mission today. Seemed good. Spawner was much closer. Was even a couple of cover spots.

I have found that they use other Pandas as ‘spotters’. As we ourselves use assults to spot for snipers. Without a panda in viewing range they can’t see your lads. Havn’t got to test new lairs out. Every start sinse patch has either had no recruitment sites, no where to trade food, and three to five pp bases within a scanner range of each other. So so far am a bit grrr about new patch.