Lair with Archon bombard, any cover?

Lair with Archon bombard I can’t find cover, and it’s plain impossible to play without cover, well ok that bores me to setup a team to do it in one turn, could as well ignore the crap (sorry but I am fed up with this lair!!! Plenty nasty word to designers of that, quote nasty words aren’t the nasty words so please moderate yourself).

So have you some snapshot, video, or explanations on where find cover in a Lair with such Archon?

I would try to disable his weapon with snipers and other available weapons. If I can’t do it in 1 turn I would rather retreat and abandon the mission.

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I already tried retreat after a ton of money lost through a wrong strategy (blow up a path to target, non sense it requires a lot too much ammo). Come back everything was respawned rebuild and the bombard is still here.

Disgusted but without great suggestion on cover thing yes I’ll give up and will wait the Lair to put that crap behind.

I’ve just had a Citadel mission with a bombardment Chiron. My two snipers hit him with 4 Athena sniper rifle shots at turn 1, making him completely unable to shoot. Next turn one of the snipers finished paralyzing him and we took the bastard home with us =P

I bet you can find a mission start layout when you can safely disable the Chiron at turn 1. After that the mission should go much easier.

I hate lairs last time I lost my time and patience with that. It’s zero fun for me just a huge irritation.

But yeah leave and come back quickly changed the generation this time, still going to lose again. Raging.

I would love force all dev team beat the map I had until they succeed, any single from com to tech and double dose for designers.

So failed once more, if there was a bombard chiron it didn’t wake up. So much time of my life spend on something that bore me, for sure I’m a total idiot.

Anyway out of any rage, Lairs need a full design change but in current state never ever bombard chiron should have been allowed in Lairs. Argue to leave and retry is just a hack to avoid an awful design error.

If you have a corridor between two indestructible walls perpendicular to the chiron you can hide. Most bombs if not all will fails to connect. But you will have to wait in your starting zone for multiple turns. It will stop firing after few shots but before it runs out of ammo. It become a threat if you want to move out. Arthrons may jump over the wall and become a threat too. You see most ennemies close range on their turn.

I have done one like that but that was most for curiosity. I wanted to know if it was possible. I have save scum like crazy. I had to found the spots where I can hide without loosing a guy turn 1. The chiron was invisible and start firing in stable stance turn 1. At the end, it was possible. But any mistake or bad luck and you lose 1 or two soldiers. That is not enjoyable at all and not a real victory.

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This is strange. I have heard that Lair missions can be difficult but never experienced it (yet).
Some Haven defence missions and (especially) scavenging missions had been much harder!

Lair missions let you make your own route and try to avoid combat except for the enemies directly blocking your way. The others you can let live and be fine with that.

Weren’t you the guy coming to my post on map size giving me (git gud) advice on how to beat the game?


Anyway, there is actually a trick (exploit) to find where the spawnery is in lairs. The map piece for them always looks the same ( a big square piece surround by walls with a square hole in the middle). If you mouse-over the hole for the movement line and it doesn’t show you a destination it mean the whole has the spawnery there and you can’t move. If it shows a destination square it is the wrong one.

As for the artillery you just have to think about the projectile angle and put your soldiers agaisnt a wall on the opposite side of the trajectory to avoid being directly hit. It will either hit the wall on the other side or go over.

Also just get a guy with max speed and dash so once you locate the spawnery you can just run there in one turn. Or use an infiltrator.

Well I thought I was less bad at this game than it seems I am, I do fairly well for other missions types, and I have 30 different builds to experiment.

But ok I don’t remind easily names but I’ll try avoid give you advices, it’s fine.

There’s almost only destructible on this map, the Chiron was always behind series of destructible.

I found only one spot, and yes non destructible but at best for three soldiers and better not have any grenade launcher. What was quite irritating is put efforts to decipher 3D and find spots with a small cover… to no avail, never worked.

Bombard Chiron are fun when there’s a top cover design, I failed find any of this in this Lair, but probably all Lairs.

I don’t see the two indestructible walls thing, there’s so few. But if I ever try again, I’ll remind your suggestion, thanks. I put it in my back, I was in rage to not achieve beat it, sort of self proud defeated, I spend 2 days on it, can’t believe it, even less now I put it in my back. :slight_smile:

Looks simple, now in let’s play I saw it’s never simple.

Haven defense can hardly be worse, firstly their design is much more coherent, for example they are compatible with Chiron bombard. Secondly civil or building are an extra tool to take aliens busy, or even to use as tools.

Scavenging missions are the same, containers are allies, design is coherent, now reward is crap.

If you put first priority civil, buildings, containers, then ok perhaps it can be harder than lairs, but this is a bad strategy decision.

I disarm Tritons, play with Sirens, try disarm crabs or at least those that annoy the most, but it changes nothing, paralyze and charm generate a spawning, close to be sure that disarm generate a spawning.

If you really mean ignore, I don’t even see what you mean.

The only advice I can give is use overhangs and hug the walls along the cliff edges of the map.
Also, try to do as the Sirens do, and find a lower-tier path through some of the map.

Basically, the more of the damn thing’s shots you can get to overshoot you and drop down a well, the better.

Consider yourself lucky. As you know, I’m an outspoken fan of this game - and I constantly argue for making it more difficult - but Lairs suck so much that I actively let them mature into Citadels rather than have to engage with them.

However, as I said in my Lairs vs Citadels post, I don’t want to get rid of them - I just think they should be the other way round. Lairs are the hardest Missions in the game, and having them as a mid-level tier when Citadels are so piss-easy just makes a mockery of the Panda-Base progression.

Before to make lairs final evolution, the dev have a huge amount of work to master their design and procedural generation. Lairs and Citadels looks a lot like rushed stuff, dev would have been Bioware they would have endure a lot of aggressiveness and insults. Not that it’s sane but those missions types are so badly done.

Another rushed stuff is all those special missions with a very similar if not similar map.

Sigh. You are right. I always try to save as many civilians as possible, unless it becomes suicidal. I remember some insanely hard missions when I’ve managed 100% rescue rate. These are the best memories from my walkthrough! :smile:
As for the scavenging missions I’m always scared to spend more resources to replace my ammunition than the mission reward I am going to recieve. :cold_sweat:

If lairs had a ceiling, then you wouldn’t have a bombardment problem in the first place.

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I still do sometimes 100% civil rescue, and more rarely 100% buildings, but civll/building/container should not be top priority past first missions in campaign, even with a vehicle as cannon fooder.

This is the problem opened in this thread. Top cover design are very nasty on other missions types but it’s here. For lairs I still haven’t see any good clue on descent cover against bombard in Lairs, a huge hole in Lairs design.

No I mean a ceiling over the whole lair - If the map as a whole is indoor then you can’t make bombardment attacks in the first place.