New Backer : Geoscape and Camera

Three things I’ve noticed after getting the game last night so based on “vast” experience

  1. Geoscape - “Fuzziness” I can understand the globe having that fuzzy look due to the background nature of the game. But it’s the pulsing annoying fuzzy base icons. Hope they get rid of those and just make them a sharp object. Not sure if this is magnified from playing on a 4K setup.

  2. Cameras in battlefields. Hope they have more work to do on them. One thing I miss is the ability to zoom down to a soldiers view. Move around and see what can be seen from various spots. Those red Spotting lines also need to be sharpened up. Zooming in alien bases is a bit of a pain, seems to get blocked because of the terrain heights.

  3. Leading on from that, who decided that scroll wheel back was going to be zoom in and scroll wheel forward was zoom out. Not sure I’ve seen another game do it that way.

  4. Is more of an aside. Anyone else feel like they just went into Mass Effect when they press the option to start a new game. The sound is very ME. Please don’t change it, hopefully it’s an intentional nod to the series :slight_smile:

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The scroll wheel is used to change between the different terrain levels on the map. Zoom in/out is done with T and G - you can actually zoom quite far.

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