[Geoscape Suggestion] Filterable List of Places to Zoom to

There a a ton of places on the map, and it can be a bit of a pain finding the one you want (like one of your bases or a mission).
My suggestion is a drop down list of places with a few basic filters, and when you click a location it zooms to that part of the map.
If this already exists and I haven’t found it brilliant! - Just let me know how it works

For a mission - left click objective on the left side of the screen.

As @Yokes said, you can do it for objective missions/haven defenses (anything you get a notification for). Doesn’t include scavenging sites though. Would be nice to have for the other POIs that exist on the map too.

Yeah sometimes (often) I just want to quickly find my bases so I can work out most efficient way to manage my aircraft and soldier options