New artron-unit & abilitys

In my opinion, pandas need a tank, like mutog, that can crash into phoenix formations and wreak havoc in melee combat while the other monster shoots or converges. It will be good, if be a huge unit, but it takes more time to create some kinde of superartron. it should “cost” strengtpoints like a siren ore chirons. it’s bigger and have 2 pairs of arms (one new pair is little). But new artron can be the same size, as other. I draw a picture to make it easier to understand

  1. new head-a lot of armor and ability ramattack: breach walls and solid constructs by raninig through them and hit with stun at the end of moving (it will be good to see new animation of runing)
  2. body with small injectors arms and paralyzing\poison attack
  3. pincer medium damage+heavy bleeding + melee riposte with pincer, like anu mutation (I think it’s necessary for every top artron)
  4. whip-melee attack in a small cone (range 3-5 cell) -low damage and targets unable to use will point abilities

I hope that Juggernaut will be still a thing and will find its way into the game. Look at 9th graphic here:

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