Necronomicon 1.7, DDA, Pandoran evolution and game difficulty

So I’ve recently completed Phoenix point after the latest DLC ‘Legacy of the Ancients’ and took the slow and steady approach. I was playing on the Hero level of difficulty to test me but not make me stress too much about perfection with my game play. I have completed the game previously on the Legend level, but had found the population index intense and finished with 2% left before winning.

When completing my last playthrough, I was understandably a bit unsure about all the new content, what to do, how to win and what are the consequences of of the different mission. I may have played the über slow method of play (sure and steady) and continued on as the 1.7.1, 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 updates were released. I recognise that many players are fast and are finished before the end of March. I took about nearly 4 in game months to win it. But it was comfortable.

So after starting a new game recently, everything changed. Before I’d even rescued Helena from New Jericho, I appeared to have lost the game. I had Siron Armis and Umbras attacking me with the suggested mission difficulty being Extreme for a haven defence. Now I don’t mind losing. Perhaps I need to improve my gameplay. But how is the Dynamic Difficulty Algorithm being encouraged to evolve? I had believe that it was a result of injuries in battle, but perhaps that has now changed.

I have never defined myself as an extreme player, but have much experience in this game and genre over the years. I’m happy to go back to the ‘veteran’ level, but worry about the new changes (I’m a happy backer), especially with the upcoming Steam release impending. Is @Southlane correct about the said evaluation of game difficult? Or considering that the game user manual hasn’t been updated recently to reveal unique nuggets of information, perhaps @Valygar or @conductiv can shed some light on the situation about what progresses the evolution and difficulty?

While making my new playthrough, I lost two squads of soldiers (one experienced all lvl 7 squad and one less so) in two consecutive missions. Perhaps I’ve overplayed, or was tired, but I was caught out with the defeat. There effectively was no campaign left to pursue, despite my attempts and this was at the beginning of February. I am open to all opinions and suggestions.

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