Game play is far too difficult and game isnt fun


Thank you for your comment, but they are totally unhelpful. I really do know how to play the game, I normally am able to deal with Syrens. Your comments are part of the frustration apparently you don’t understand what I’m saying.

just so you know… I played a new battle… same results… different layout, exactly the same results. This morning I played it 3 or 4 times… exactly the same. there isn’t a way for me to win any of these battles.

It doesn’t matter what I do, . I can play the same battle 10 - 20 times… know exactly where the enemy is, ect… it ends EXACTLY the same each time, I’m all dead… reminds me of Ground hog day… exactly like the move…

Ground hog day game… is horrible.


thank you for your comments, just like the other one, totally useless… apparently you are missing the point. The new patch, has made the game unplayable. and any attempt to express why, ends up with comments such as yours.

I have almost completed the game several times prior to this patch… I know how to play, I beat guardian sites my first try, when I first encountered them.

This new patch has something wrong with it.

It does feel that the game is more punishing. I’m taking more damage, but I still find it possible to win missions with the right squad mix and tactics.

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How far have you got with the new patch? did you restart a new game with the new patch installed? Have you taken a Guardian site yet? I’m reaching the point where I’m almost ready to take a Guardian site, but I haven’t yet built a archeology base item yet.

Thinking carefully about this, I have a few observations… from previous patches.

in contrast to other patches, and previous battles in the same game… when I reach the wall… I see the following.

Enemy seems to be using cover more, I can’t seem to directly shoot them nearly as often. I had to use over watch more. they don’t seem to stand in the open nearly as much as they did.

Enemy seems to have more HP (or I’m doing less damage?). At the point I can’t win battles anymore, its taking what seems like twice, or more, as many hits to kill an enemy, every enemy.

Its almost impossible to disable the head of a Siren now… (previous battles I had no issues at all shooting their heads, breaking their mind control, but this battle, it doesn’t work, I kill them before I disable their head… btw… I have a augmented head guy, that can break neural disrupt them got him just for Sirens… but he almost never lives long enough to, they target him first, killing my only hope of breaking Siren’s mind control… (they never did that before).

More Tar babies… and more Siren’s, and more of everything. Please keep in mind… this is the same game I was have 0 problems with… and doesn’t matter if I restart a new game… it reaches the same point… every time.

Hey @pacman223, if F12 is working for you, you should report it. If not, try creating a new topic on the bug report forums or on canny. Here in the middle of an enormous old topic your messages will probably not be seen by Snapshot employees.

About the problem though, I’m not playing so I cannot comment much, but I got your point. In past patched there were some missions (like the NJ 50% one) that could be unwinnable if you went too early for it. However this is not the case anymore and you’re seeing this trend in many missions. I could suggest different tactics like using a priest giving immunity to mind control for nearby soldiers, but sirens are not the only problem.

Could you tell us which game date it is when you face this, and also an example of all enemies inside one of those impossible missions? This way it’ll become clearer for everyone if it’s a bug or not.

Edit: this latest Arkham patch has introduced so many new bugs. I believe you’re probably just facing one, maybe they tuned things wrongly. Also, in which patch did you start this campaign in?


I will do what you suggest, sorry didn’t want to start a new topic when one was already available.

I’m running Arkham 1.8 EGS it patched again this morning, but I don’t notice any change in patch number.

Also… I started my new games after the Arkham patch, I thought I would start fresh after the new patch.

Great, that removes some of the possible problems. It’s best to create a new topic making clear that the problem appeared after the Arkham patch.

I started a new campaign with the Arkham release. I am playing on Veteran level and have reached late March game time. I haven’t started any of the LotA stuff, though I did trigger the Mattock mission. In other playthroughs I’ve learned that the LotA stuff needs to wait until I’m pretty well flushed powerful weapons and level 6-7 soldiers.

I’m waiting until I can get research for laser weapons before I launch into the LotA missions. I also need to get NJ Dante before I unleash the Tar Baby monsters…

So I had posted a similar viewpoint a few weeks ago with the hope that someone at Snapshot might have time to give some explanation.

But as you can see, no response. I have only recently started a new playthrough and haven’t so far experienced to same problem, But I suspect that the AI has been improved. It certainly seems more capable. I’m currently playing on Veteran level, and wonder if the designers just wanted to make the difficulty levels more pronounced.

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Is there a way to delay tar pandorans? For me in necronomicon they appeared even though I didn’t do any LotA site. I did do the first few missions though. I find them not so much problematic, I try to disable them instead of killing.

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I have asked the thread to be locked before. Don’t see that happening, and the title alone cannot be doing PP any good in reviews

Love everything about this game, I have no complaints maybe this game just ins’t your cup of tea?

I liked the game 4 months ago more too.

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There is no need for censorship.


:joy::joy::joy: Censorship? How about it’s non constructive criticism from a person that admitted he doesn’t even play the game?
In short it’s Misleading Information & SPAM. That can and should be censored.

Love the game, i have days of real time spent into it. Can’t get enough of it, its depth and creativity, the sky is the limit with this game. Hang in there folks, they will iron it out. Till then play it test it, F12 reports, and the devos will have it all finished up.
Gladly I’ll pay the price over again for full game. Thanks Snapshot for making one hell of a game, keep it up!

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While I agree with opinion that its most promising Laser Squad tactics game so far (or Xcom if you like, but I do know its a bit older), I do understand frustration of new players when playing first time even on rookie.

My proposal is to create some sub-rookie shortened and easier campaign for total newbies e.g. ending with Scylla kill. We will see how new tutorials will do :slight_smile:

Let’s not forget Rebelstar Raiders (or Laser Squad if you like)! :wink:

Oh yes, it seems concept goes back to 1984

Even Laser Squad looks like way more mature implementation

It certainly was. Rebelstar Raiders was a two player game with no AI. So when Laser Squad came out, it was incredible. There was even a game before Laser Squad based on the Alien/Aliens movie which I think was called Rebelstar II.