Gender Changed on Tutorial Soldiers

Before starting a new game, selecting Random Uniforms in the options will change Sophia to a Male, with Sophia’s voice. This happens to nearly all premade soldiers, even after the patch.

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Same happened to me in YOE.

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Same happened to me too :frowning:
What can i do?? Restart the campaign??

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:vulcan_salute: That does indeed seem to be the only fix. I’ve turned it off in the current play. Shut the game down, rebooted, and Sophia still looks like a Mop-hair dude. :open_mouth:

Left Random Uniforms turned off. Started New Game, and Sophia is a She again. Played several missions and Turned Random Uniforms on, and she stayed a she. But… Many new soldiers would appear trans-gender.

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Thanks :frowning: !!!

No problem mes amis. :wink: I used to review games for extra income a few decades ago, for Game News and Happy Puppy Gamer mags. Testing and seeing things others miss is a gift with me.