Balance needs some serious work

i have properly combined 800+ in the XCOM games, both old and new, Im really trying to like this game but man it feels like its a early beta that have been released.

Just played a “story Mission” where from where i spawned there where 9 aliens within 1 turn of me, 5 of them Sirens, 2 crabmen with launcher arms, and 2 “lizzardmen”, and ind the back 2 fireworm launching bastards carbet bombing my squad, this is just bullshit you have no chance to get out of this alive.
Where is the balance here?

sadly this is not the only mission i have been on where i need to relaunch the mission a couple of times to not get a crazy unfire spawn

You cloud maby have a chance if the cover system actually worked and you where able to shoot from it not just aiming at the “wall” but thats a hole other story regarding the coversystem

Snapshot you are really pushing my bottens with this crap, please fix it so we can enjoy the game, theres a diffrence between hard and just unfair, and there is alot of “unfair” situations in this game right now


Yep, I’ve had this multiple times too. Games set to ‘hard’, but the Chirons (the mortar guys) started with the bombard add on - which was sort of bearable after a couple of restarts in a next so there was only 1 instead of 2 - getting bombed from 2 different angles by something that is either crippling or killing whatever it hits is challenge enough.

Honestly though, I totally agree, the end impression wasn’t ‘this is hard’, but:
1: Why the F*&^ does a cave not have a roof? Surely these guys shouldn’t work properly underground.
2: No single character should be able to team kill a healthy squad in a single turn. Even if you have cover it can still cripple multiple team members… and if there’s 2 God help you. This isn’t ‘hard’, this is stupid, there’s minimal skill element to consider it hard it’s just bad luck.

I get further and find a mission map for finding Symes which is basically a field with a couple of trees and rocks. Other than the fact the map is super unexciting in it’s appearance, there are 3 Chirons, 2 with bombard, and next to no cover; the first Chiron breaks whatever cover you may have had, the second kills half your squad. There’s no two ways about this - there is no sneaking up on them, no assault rush or just pack over and warcry, they war out of range for anything like that. Again - not hard, just stupid. I reload, and now it’s 2 Chirons, both with the Goo backpack.

What does this tell me?
1: It’s again just luck, if you get two bombards, your all out of luck and thats it.
2: We were sold a game with the premise “The enemy will adapt their tactics and mutations based on your tactics”… this isn’t what I’m seeing, I’m seeing a random number generator.

Sorry long rant but I’m getting pissed off with this thing.