"Mutar" Information?

I’ve been searching through the forums and Google, but can’t seem to find any artwork or reference to the Mutar. I’ve copied in below where I first saw the reference to it, does anyone have any information on it?

I also see in there a reference to one-armed soldiers coming back from missions, and drug use / alcoholism being an issue. Again, I’ve not been able to find reference anywhere else - is there official word on when we’ll start to see this?


My guess is he misspoke and meant Mutog. And there should be plenty to look up on that.

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If there is such enemy in Phoenix Point then it didn’t make to BB5.

The interviewer hadn’t planned on doing an interview as so was likely in a noisy area. As a result it’d be quite easy to confuse Mutog for Mutar (which is the consensus of everyone, including people like UV)

Thanks guys, makes much more sense now!