Mark Hamill being Phoenix Point'd before Phoenix Point :D

OK, I found this one to be really funny: in 1991 Luke Skywalker went into this “The Guyver” movie (obviously his most famous acting move before going for Batman’s killer clown), and this clip does seems like a Phoenix Point movie adaptation, if it was made in the 90’s and sucked. It’s like he’s being held in prison due to pandoravirus contamination, but was just set free by a technician who’s trying to get him out before Tobias West finds him. Oh, but things do go horribly wrong :smiley:


Not like I needed to sleep tonight… :sweat_smile:

That one bit of behemoth artwork shown really reminds me of that colossal creature from the end of, well, The Mist. There’s another post here that goes over some books to read that get into the Phoenix Point vibe, but I wonder what movies are out there that do the same thing?

Could you point me to that post? Never saw it :blush:

As for movies, that’s a good idea. I would say The Fly, the 1986 remake, for showing how gruesome body mutations can get, and Starship Troopers, only the first one, for just pure unadultered action scenes between humans and scary giant bugs.

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Yup, I am all for the fly transformation for Cryssalid attack, but slow per turn mutation, not almost instant.

Ah, yes! Be afraid, be very afraid!

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Don’t you dare speak ill of Guyver, sir! :angry:

Or ever again…

My mistake - the post was on Reddit’s Phoenix Point area:

Had a lot of reading recommendations in there. Before I decided to take the plunge and back PP I did a lot of reading… must’ve blurred together lol

You know you are so right! I didn’t knew about the movie, or ever saw it. I just found the clip and thought it was really funny, and seeing it through the XXI century lens, I just assumed it would suck. But it can even be a great movie. I shouldn’t have said that.

So, Lovecraft and Carpenter all the way :smiley: Well, I guess the developers still can take inspiration from som many things. We know Synedrion will have a stealth based unit, Infiltrator. But WHAT IF the mutants also have their own stealth based unit, and there are missions Alien based, where you can’t see the enemy? Just a thought.

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Infrared vision in helmets and… burn them all!

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What with being the only way to be sure and all, it’s too bad nuking them from orbit is out of the question…

Or is it?

(dramatic music plays)

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wear an infrared sensor on your helmet and then blind it with massive plumes of infrared light…

…That sounds like a Hollywood script.

Well, first drop a N2 bomb on their ugly hides, and they activate their AT Field, launch both Units 00 and 01.


After firing you can switch to normal vision. :wink:

Well, to be fair, it’s not “good” good, but it’s “cheesy early 90s sci-fi” good which equates to “awesome” when you’re a 12 year old. :slight_smile:

Surely, old horrors work better when one is kiddo. But there is something creepy in music, style, voice, shadows … in old Hitckok / IT / Gigers Alien 1 etc. styles that cannot be made up by 3D effects and computer generation.

The NEWER game that kept that horror"alive" is … Alien Isolation. Forget all the other “Alien” titles.



Unless you feel like shooting up some xenos :slight_smile:
I still think OG AvP is one of the coolest FPS games out there…


And it can even be great right now. Who knows? Maybe I’ll give it a look.

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I would, but my pilot ran away.

Daddy issues.

Apparently it’s too late for him. I would never have guessed.