Music won't start

hey there,

I’m playing on PS5. Yes I read the submission should be placed on another website. Already did that, never got an answer and it’s really bugging me:

The game simply won’t play the music as soon as there is a change from geoscape to battlescreen and vice versa. Starting up the game, geoscape plays music. Changing to Battlescreen - no music. I save the game. I reload the game and the music plays. I win the battle, back to geoscape and no music.
That doesn’t affect sound effects. I hear shots, voice overs, grunts, everything, but unless I save and reload there is no music.

That’s annoying and destroys the mood right away. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, shifting to another SSD and back, new games, etc. Nothing seems to fix that. And yes: I didn’t install the PS4 version on PS5. There are not many options to fix the problem by myself. Even turning down the ingame volume to 0 and back to full won’t change a thing.

Would you try to fix that please?