Most disappointing launch ever (PS4)

After waiting since the pc launch to get my hands on this game, watching playthroughs and stalking the phoenix point Facebook page for news on a console release, It’s fair to say I was hyped up. However, it has been an utterly disappointing experience.
So do I hate the game? No, I really like the game. I loved the xcom series and even played some of the originals on pc back when I had a pc and I really like this game and how it differs from xcom 2 with the ballistics and manual aim system. If I could, I would play this game all night with no sleep and believe me I have tried.
Unfortunately phoenix point PS4 release is a complete mess, at least it is for me, but before I go in to that I want to give some feedback on the game itself.

In respect to gameplay, it is as I expected it to be. It’s engaging and fun. Perhaps lacking in the tactical versitility of xcom but it feels more grounded. Characters don’t feel as overpowered as they do on xcom.
Enemies types are usually just slightly different versions of eachother and I have not reached nor can I reach end game so I have not seen all the enemy types. It feels varied enough but some different enemy types early game would be appreciated. Those poison worms for example, I have only seen in 2 or 3 missions. Could of mixed them in a bit more. For the most part, the evolution of enemies as time goes on feels right and has me thinking ‘oh sh**, they have grenades now’!? This is good.
The visuals and sound in this game take a back seat behind the gameplay and are drab and dull. I get it, it’s supposed to be a depressing apocalyptic world and I don’t expect xcom levels of polish.
On that note, performance and load times are not great. I know it’s running on a PS4 and I know it’s more of a budget title but for a game that seemingly lacks the graphical detail and jazz that xcom 2 has, it somehow has similar if not longer load times and aweful delay and choppiness on menu navigation and as another example, upon death animation.
Now I have not played much of festering sky because progressing on a game that crashes or bugs almost every other mission is like walking through mud. From what I have played, it is not so fun. With no way to intercept the ships mid flight, instead having to fly to the haven it’s scouting, it’s pretty annoying. On top of that, the behemoth just goes around stomping havens while all you can do is yell harsh language and twiddle your thumbs.
It would have been appreciated if you could defend the havens in some way.
I would of loved to have more variety in equipment such as different ammo types or even gun customisation.
Overall, the actual game is a blast but…

It’s almost unplayable.
Now at first I considered it may be a problem on my end with my PS4 or disk drive but after playing other games on disc for a few hours such as fallout4 and alien isolation and perusing YouTube comments and forums. I can conclude that PS4 the version at least, runs like a dream, if that dream is actually a nightmare of yourself being smothered to death in Susan Boyles cheesy cleavage.
Where to begin, from the constant crashes to a bug that locks out control input so you can’t move your characters or even restart the mission forcing you to restart application.
One night I forced my way through crash after crash. I would do a few missions, then a crash, restart, then another few, then control bug, restart, and so on. I forced my way through over a dozen crashes and restarts because I so desperately wanted to enjoy the game. As I progressed, the performance got worse, the enemies combat turn would take longer than usual as if the ai had no idea what to do and like this feedback post it would take forever to get anywhere.
Finally the game started to crash after almost every mission. I managed to do 2 missions today before it booted me to the report a problem screen, then back to 1.

After the final crash I had enough. I gave up. The pandorins can have the bleddy planet. The game is flat out unplayable and that’s coming from someone who has tried to play the crap out of it regardless. I’m sure many of these issues will be fixed but in my opinion, a product should not be released in this state. I’m holding out for a patch but will be grabbing a refund next week. Then maybe pick it up again on sale in the future. Absolutely gutted.

I only wish people would just stop using superlatives and exagerations do describe everything. We are in a point were everything is the most dissapointing thing ever, the worst thing ever or the best ever made. This just does not help.

The comment is not to downplay the problems u have, If the game is unplayable to you you absolutely need to report it and consider a refund.

Anyway, the game had a hotfix yesterday addresing performance. This could improve the situation for you.


Everybody is a legend these days, even absolute legends, for the most trivial thing. It’s annoying for sure.


Except it’s not an exaggeration, it is very literally the most disappointing launch I have experienced ever or at least so far. I’m personally tired of people dismissing or deflecting criticism for games and other media. Sure it will get patched but more and more developers use that as an excuse to push out poor quality products and players use it as an excuse to validate there purchase.
I remember when internet was not a thing when I was younger and they had no choice but to release a game in a polished and good quality state. Just tired of the lack of quality control.

So you forget to add “for me” in the title. I for sure had other more disappointing game launches.

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Also ich kann mich lydon nur anschließen. Da wartet man Jahre bis das game endlich mal auf Konsole erscheint und dann ist es schlicht und ergreifend nicht spielbar. Ich kann die ganzen Bugs und Abstürze schon nicht mehr zählen. Hab es übrigens für die xbox one. Scheint wohl genauso schlecht zu sein wie auf der ps4. Ein Spiel nach so langer Zeit so schlecht für die Konsolen auf den Markt zu schmeißen ist eine Frechheit und meiner Meinung nach auch mit nichts zu entschuldigen.

Dann freue Dich Mal auf die letzte Mission (rede jetzt aber vom PC): völlig absurder Schwierigkeitsgrad - praktisch identisch auf allen Schwierigkeitsgraden und mit Patches wird sie dann noch schwerer gemacht.

Ich lese hier noch hin und wieder mit, glaube aber nicht, dass ich mich nochmal zum Spielen aufraffen kann. Meiner persönlichen Meinung nach, läuft das ganze in eine völlig falsche Richtung, weil man offenbar lieber auf eine Hand voll hardcore Gamer hört, denen ständig alles zu leicht ist, anstatt ein Balancing anzustreben, dass sich auf leichten Schwierigkeitsgraden auch für Gelegenheitsspieler geeignet ist (von Anfängern, die nicht alle X-Com Spiele seit 1993 durchgespielt haben Mal ganz zu schweigen)…

Life was wonderful before internet and everything was good and no launch was the most disappointing one ever, I guess.

The problem is; if I say something like this, I am communicating nothing to no one but myself. And even I am having a hard time listening to myself when I only talk about how I feel.