Moment bug on chaos custom game

While playing a custom game 2 person v 4 computer players
some of the computer creatures are not in the place they are suppose to be, also sometimes creatures are dead but still showing alive this is very annoying as you have to quit the game and enter again to correct this, sometimes this happens about 10 times in a game.
Has the development for this game stopped ?
I posted this a long time ago on the previous forum but still no fix.
If you cant sort this problem out will phoenix point be just as buggy ?

I assume you’re taking about online games? This sounds like the issue that occurs if there are connection issues with the server and the game gets out of sync, although I’ve not seen it as dramatically as you’ve experienced.

Unfortunately Snapshot are not developing the game at the moment. All their resources are on Phoenix Point.

Can you record the game to see the footage?