Mod/Patch: Bugfix for Resource Raid Loot

Hi Everybody,

I’ve made a quick patch mod that fixes resource raids, so that you actually gain resources when you complete them.


Requires the Mod Loader from Here:

After installing the mod loader, just drop raidfix.dll in your <phoenix point dir>/Mods directory.

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where’s here? and where to throw the loader mods

I’ve updated the post with a better link. Just follow the instructions on that page. :+1:

Followed the instructions, the mods folder was successfully created, and I unpacked the Raidfix zip file into it, let me go raid a factory and then I’ll report back on this

Should end up like this. Ignore the pdb, that’s just debug stuff.

Open up the PPModLoader.log file and your content should be along the lines of this:

PPModLoader -- PPML v1.0.0.0 -- 11/12/2019 16:51:36
16:51:36 - RaidFix.dll (v1.0.0.0): Found and called entry point "Void Init()" in type "RaidFix.RaidLootFix"

thank you now I understand

another common loader for all fashion washed down

can confirm, the fix works, thanks a lot!

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Update: I’ve now taken this down, as today’s patch fixes this.

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