[MOD] Disable firing target animation

This little mod disables the flinching animation on enemies while firing. Makes rage bursts and other multishot actions much more reliable (they still flinch after firing).

Download Link

Requires the phoenix point mod loader. (Available Here)

To install just drop the “TargetAnimationDisable.dll” file into your /Mods directory

I actually love the enemy animations while firing. It adds to the realism of the bullet tracing. Sure it’s annoying when the triton turns his head in pain and your second and third bullets miss, but that’s Phoenix Point, baby!

yeah i love the animation too esp when you can wait for a head to turn in your favor on a bad angle… this level of realism is unprecedented in such genre.

@Pr8Dator this has no effect on animations prior to you pulling the trigger. It just stops them after you click.

I still enjoy those too, but I totally understand why someone would wanna kill that animation. It happens when the alien sort of…recoils from the shot, and it makes subsequent bullets miss their mark. It can be really frustrating, but again that’s part of the realism of bullet tracing.

I’ve just shot Arhtron’s arm holding the shield. The shot was meant to kill him too. Unfortunately for me, when he dropped the shield, the shield fell into the line of fire and stopped several of my shots. I was actually VERY pleased to see this happen. I think such situations add some depth of reality into the combat.

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That’s cool. It’s a completely optional mod for people that get annoyed by the previews not lining up with the outcome at all.

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I ran the mod loader in the “managed” folder, ran the game but no mods folders were created. Any idea?

The mods folder should end up in the same directory as the phoenix point executable. If it’s not there then try running the injector through a console window and having a look at the output it gives you.

Maybe my folder structure is different? somehow my folder structure goes programfile/Pheonix Point/Pheonix Point/Pheonixpointwin_64data instead of just program file/pheonix point/pheonixpointwin_64data

I see. Try running the mod injector as admin, if you have the game installed under program files you need admin rights to create or modify files. So it won’t be able to either apply the patch or create the directory.

the error says its been injected before but I don’t see any mods folder… :frowning:

or can I just drop them into the PLUGINs folder?

Try just manually making the Mods folder (same directory as the phoenix point executable).

manually created the Mods folder, dropped in a fonts mod so I can see if it works and it didnt :frowning: so sorry for the trouble but any idea?

You could move the game out of program files. Windows has incredibly annoying rules and restrictions that aren’t particularly helpful for modding.

like cut and paste the whole directory somewhere else?

OK! I got it!! For those of you launching the game from EPIC store, you need to install the launcher under the phoenix install in epic store folder. There is a seperate pheonix point install in the program files folder for some unknown reason and that won’t work.

Wish there was a mod that disables return fire as that ability for me is the SINGLE most frustrating thing in the ENTIRE game … It exists outside the AP system in some timeless limbo and it is not even be made clear who Returns Fire … there is no Icon or anything not even when clicking Info. It’s not a glitch. It’s not a mistake. just there to troll us that is my impression.

(edit) had to add SINGLE and ENTIRE just to empathize the fact that this is in fact the SINGLE MOST FRUSTRATING THING IN THE ENTIRE GAME … and given the state of it, that says something.

There is icon on enemy icons over your abilities when you select fire ability. And each Arthron with machine gun can return fire.