Mist, I'm still confused as to the concept will work

Yup, it summs all rumors, but nothing definite. Usual PR business.
Wait for end product too see, too much expectations make a huge disappointment later.

I would be good if Queen can heal her own (but NOT itself) and have a defense mutation “smoke screen”. But huge charge delay, please.

I read somewhere that queens/bosses will have mist generators so you’d assume it’s gotta have some serious effect. Frankly from a completely non gameplay point of view I hope they get the “look” of the mist right, as I think gameplay mechanics aside atmosphere is going to be the thing that makes this the xcom2 killer.

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Sounds very interesting, very “Aliens”

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Sounds great but even with the extra funding they’ve got that would be a hell of an undertaking. Expansion in 18 months perhaps.

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In all honesty I was trying to put 2 points in the thread, obviously not very well. Interested in Mist mechanic whenever that appears even if it’s release day; getting excited about Backer Build 3 as it is mid October specifically because off the Geoscape.

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Even if you are mistaken, my imagination just sky rocketed… Missions with flamethrowers cleaning your way (at least until you will discover armour that will protect you in any conditions)… would be beautiful. Really fantastic! And as much as I love this game already, I would love it even more.

Damn. It is unbelievable that in era of games such as The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redempion 2, Fallout 76, some new Assassin Creed, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Destiny 2(?) or some other block buster which I don’t remember, I’m most excited about coming Phoenix Point. :slight_smile:


Speaking on Mist again. While we aren’t seeing any larger effects on the world map from Mist (other than harder missions), I did notice some effects on mission though.

I had a mist generator throw out some Mist before it died. The Mist stayed there for all subsequent turns. In that zone I was attacked by a crabman. He was shot down dead, and I moved on. A few turns later, I noticed that he had three health and was still lying on the ground. I shot him again, causing a bleed effect, and he eventually bled out.

Can the Mist re-animate dead units, or is this a glitch? I saw the mist heal a dead unit, and then I saw it bleed out. So is it healing them or not?

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From what I know Mist was announced to be able to heal mutants, not only restore their WP. I’m not sure about ressurecting thing. :wink: Maybe Snapshot abandoned this idea, but mechanic is still there. :wink:

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Mist also doesn’t break the LOS for now (if it means to be a thing at all): soldiers see enemies even if physically they shouldn’t see them (when sight is being obscured by cloud mist).

I know it is very early stage of game but what I would like to see someday in the future is also different patterns of mist spreading and behaving on the missions. I think it was discussed in some topic before.

Imagine that some more difficult missions are mostly covered in mist from the very beginning: it doesn’t have to be only dense clouds released by sentinels: it could be at every corner of map, spreading naturally toward its center( or just being everywhere), sometimes moving slowly near the ground, below the line of knees; it would have other functions than obscuring view or healing enemies (but also could hide some of them, maybe smaller ones or buried ones? Or some traps?)
Imagine a situation when your soldiers are approaching a building during the night mission. This building looks normal but when soldiers are very close suddenly mist starts spreading slowly outside, from under the closed door, and you already know it generates serious problems and uncertainty: something nasty is waiting there…
Mist could have had at least few forms to be more scary and more unpredictable throughout the game (during missions).
I know it would require a lot of work but would make this game something which was never done before in any game! It could be done with some proper mist physics and proper graphics effects like transparency, lighting.
In the end, I would like to see mist as one of main horror features in the game. What do you think guys?


This might be related to a bug i discovered: when i tried to heal one of my squadmembers standing above an dead crabman the crabman received the healing instead of my squadmember. The Crab was still dead, but was highlighted red when i targeted aliens with the shoot at icon. Could still be shot and when his hitpoints were reduced to zero he would not appear as target. So it is possible to heal dead aliens/maybe even squadmembers, but that does not revive them. Didn´t have the time to reproduce the bug or even report it. but i did make some screenshots of shooting at the dead crab with full hp.

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I would not play night mission, unless it was forced for some reason. I even skipped Terror missions at night in original X-Com

yeah the game is from the daily missions?nonsense and the evening morning and night don’t need?it’s time for the eternal sun and we have to do why night then

If I understand you correctly… :smiley: Night missions are to increase difficulty (or to give proper mood). :wink: But I suppose that there will be sometimes occasions where you will want to save some haven and only time to do it will be night time.

Also waiting for the daylight will mean that population of haven will decrease during this attack. You will still save it this time, but that would mean bigger chance of that haven falling in next attack.

I am one of those who love the complexity and not simplification as for the stupid

Ok, so I didn’t understand you. :smiley: So my answer was to @Dominus_Rex_Moesia then.

If making strategic decision that will make the mission less lethal, but still hard, and aliens not shooting me from one tile more than I can see, simplification, fine.
I prefer the fight on equal footing, having the same sight range, at the very least.

Night could make it so that stealth is easier so if you run stealth in your squad night is actually desirable. Just a thought.

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If it’s done that way, as it was in some titles, it may be fun. But making either side stronger is not fun at all, usually.

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If done right it would add nuance. And it only isn’t fun if one side is always steamrolled or one tactic trumps all. Because it’s hard to say if one side is stronger if they have different strengths. You’d have to say they’re stronger in this way. So while yes just straight up giving negative effects to your troops and yours alone tends to be bad. Changing conditions for both is nuance. (Although pretty sure mist will only be bad for us and human factions at first. But I think it will still add nuance :slightly_smiling_face:.)

Are you familiar with X-com/XCOM games? If yes, you should know that these games never were of equal chances - and that’s what make them interesting.