Mindfraggers Don't Bleed Out After Attaching?


I don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but I had a Mindfragger that had 1 hit point left, and 3 points of bleed, and after attaching to one of my soldiers, it didn’t bleed out. If it’s intentional, that kind of sucks that they get to just ignore bleeding by attaching to someone.


Is the only way to get rid of a mindfragger that has attached itself to a comrade, to shot said comrade in the head?


They suck on the blood of the victim. BTW they detach their body during taking control. So maybe they lost that bleeding part. :wink:


I shot them a number of times and carried on as normal. So does the fragger have to be attached for more than one turn for any ill effects?


Right now they don’t give any negative effects. Only taking unit control until they die. But it will be subject to change.


I believe the technician has a ‘remove mindfragger’ ability. However, if your technician is the one with the fragger on his face then yes, shooting is the only option. So pick the guy with the steadiest hand :sweat_smile:


I had read that and actually tried to remove one with my tech guy, but found no option to do so.


You have to switch the currently equipped item to the mech arms. With the mech arms equipped, the option to “remove mindfragger” is there.


If the mindfragger gets your technician, use your sniper, equip the pistol, get them within point blank range and aim at the head from the front; you should be able to kill it without any damage bleeding through to who it’s attached to.


Thank you, yes I saw UV do this in his stream video. Definitely not a grenade launcher job haha :joy:


I (stupidly) attacked an alien base. I was doing quite well and killed 4-5 aliens as I entered. Then the first mindfragger appeared out of nowhere (even though all my soldiers were on overwatch) and attached itself to my sniper.

My technician was next to him and I used the remove mindfragger (after selecting the arms) COOL! Works! Nice feature…

The next turn I was spammed with the damn things. Three of my four soldiers were attacked and taken over, leaving my one injured sniper, alone in a bad place. Next turn = squad wipe, end of game!

It would be good for any soldier that was close enough to be able to pistol whip the mindfragger off
for them to have a lower chance of attaching in the first place
They were extremely weak and one shot-able (if/when seen) on their approach.

A squad wipe from these things sucks! :smiley: Sure it will be sorted out with balancing as the build continues. I might’ve just been unlucky and for some reason they were invisible as they approached the squad. Time to restart!


Interesting. I didn’t have such situation. Never saw more than 2 mindfraggers at once in one place. Maybe you have triggered hatching sentinel?

your sniper should kill them with a pistol unless he was too far.

And going back to topic. If Mindfragger was bleeding from other parts than head I can confirm it won’t bleed after attaching. But if it was mindfragger’s head which was bleeding then it will still bleed after attaching to your soldier. So it will die soon and will have control only for few turns.


Hi Yokes, Highly possible I triggered a hatching sentinel. TBH I wouldn’t know if I did, this was my first play through.

The sniper had used his turn and was away from the group so as soon as the turn ended the 3 mindfragged soldiers just ran over and mowed him down. Live and learn!

On my second play through and loving it so far. I worked out how to reach bases further out and have scored some great weapons now… Almost confident enough to hit up an alien base again :rofl:


I don’t suppose there is any way to persuade your turret to not kill one of your own with a fragger on his head.


Happened to me too and it’s damn frustrating. On the other hand, it’s really a fitting NJ approach!


Maybe a upgrade for turrets might be a good idea. Friend or foe attachment.


technically, the face hugger is still an enemy, eaven when attached to your commander.



Your commander is an enemy while the Mindfragger is attached. Your turret is just ensuring the purity of your company and the morale of your troops.

A bit better targeting on the turret and it could be a way to automatically take off the Mindfragger, or perhaps an upgrade to make it overwatch for Mindfragger heads in flight.


Now I have had a chance to play a new campaign longer I can see I was just unlucky. Now I keep my sniper at the back and use his turn last. If anyone gets mindfragged I just run him up with the handgun.

Not many of them make it close with my squad now. One Firecat nade launcher on the technician and an Armadillo meat shield at the front…

Turns out, if you get really desperate you can even remove them with the Armadillo heavy machine gun… the solider might be a little worse for wear after but it does the job if it is the last thing you have left!


Lol. I wouldn’t try that. Instead I would exit vehicle and use gun of the soldier. I know weapon statistics too well to try something like that.