Mindfraggers Don't Bleed Out After Attaching?


Haha, I put myself in a bad (stupid :man_facepalming:) spot where my armadillo was the only thing that could get to the soldier and get a shot off. I just manually aimed to the side and was lucky enough that only 2 of the rounds hit. He came out with half his health (and a few trust issues) so I call that a win!

I have found when a soldier exits the armadillo they only get a move option, not a move and shoot option? Might just be the guy I am using as my driver. His assault rifle might take up to many TUs to get both in.


Btw @UnstableVoltage I have two questions about Mindfragger mechanics.

  1. If that enemy is bleeding from head, shouldn’t that prevent him from using his attack? I think he should not be able to attack, because part which is used for attaching to soldiers is disabled. Just the way disabled crabmen’s gun arm prevents him from shooting, and disabled sentinel’s head prevent it from terrorizing, spreading the mist or hatching eggs.
  2. After killing attached mindfragger should our soldier be able to act in the same turn or not? Because I have seen both scenarios where my freed soldier couldn’t move and in the other situation he could act freely. Is that maybe dependent on the damage done to him? So maybe one situation was a bug?


Realistically, you would not dream of shooting a fragger if it was attached to your mates head. The projectile is very unlikely going to stop at the fragger. :wink:


Yes, but then it should be only part visible as enemy not the “mind controlled” (actually sucked) soldier.
A bit to overpowering, if it was slowly mutating or just feeding on soldier that could act, that would be OK.


Pistol or some gentle touch, wherever it is attached, it should be visible as “another body part” for itself. After all he is attached to something, not becoming that body part.


The thing is, a facehugger isn’t armored or anything and actually looks quite fragile. Considering you’re using weapons that can penetrate the aliens’ chitinous body parts, it’s safe to assume they pack some punch and would probably go right through the fragger’s head.

I honestly don’t mind the fact that they can be shot down for balance reasons, but as far as realism goes, shooting one off your teammate’s head would really be a gamble with bad odds!


Better to shoot it off your mates head, than him shoot it off yours!

Has anyone tried using a stun wand to knock one off a soldiers head?


I question the wisdom of using high-voltage shocks against something that’s making direct brain contact with your soldier. By all rights that should kill him instantaneously. But as far as game logic goes, go ahead. It can’t be any worse than firing high-velocity rounds at point blank range into a soft fleshy grub humping your comrade’s visage.


depends on whether or not the helmets act as Faraday cages. If they can, then the shock would be transferred from the Mindfragger to the helmet, and from the helmet to the grounding system.


I did. But it ended in hitting random part of my soldier

Are we sure how it works? I’m not. Was it mentioned somewhere and I missed that? Maybe it is not direct contact? Maybe it is some kind of wave… or microbial parasites which get through filtering system and infect soldier and then are controlled by mindfragger?


I hope we’ll get a fair share of lore/technobabble/trivia when doing research and autopsies, and look forward to that part.


How do you kill them after they attach? Without killing the soldier?


a very careful pistol shot or the technician’s remove mindfragger ability, which is even less risky


if shooting don’t forget about manual aiming. :wink:


Oh true. Thanks!