Mind-controlled enemy not susceptible to melee attacks

Game version 1.0.54748

The idea to use mind-control soldiers to lead enemy into a tile surrounded by with melee fighters holding stunners (or whatever you call them these days) does not work, because melee cannot hit an “own” unit – which a controlled enemy is at the moment. This should change.

You can easily lead them there, then release the mind-control :wink:

Actually, now I remember I did exactly that. But, I still consider it a bug. You’ve got weapons, you should be able to whack whoever you want with them. :slight_smile:

I agree with this. Not only should you be able to attack your own units, but you should also be able to ‘free aim’ a melee weapon. For example, I had a sniper lined up to get a shot through a synedrion window and a beserker with a hammer ready to smash that window…but it can’t be done.

I really agree with that. You should be able to bash windows, at the very least

Bashing MCed fighters and even healing paralyzed enemies are things that should be added