Mind control is game breaking

I’ve played a number of missions (although still very new) and Sirens individually are a great feature to the game (although a little OP). They provide that “OH SHIT” moment and you have to drop everything to drop them. HOWEVER, when there are multiple in a mission (I’m stuck on a Lair mission and 3 are attacking me simultaneously) it is just frustrating and no fun. They Mind control 1 or 2 of your men who then heal and return fire meaning its an instant wipe.

How would I fix this?

  • Have a resistance in the game so there is a chance to mind control.
  • Limit mind controlling bad guys to one or two per map.
  • Make mind control a ‘Zombie’ sort of mode so if you do get mind controlled, your man just stands there dumb until the mind control is broken.




Isn’t will supposed to provide resistance to mind manipulation effects? Didn’t get to the just yet.

I thought it might so I maxed the ‘will’ on a couple of my shotgun/assault dudes. But so far they haven’t resisted anything.

The big issue is that mind control is WORSE than getting one shotted because it incrementally both increases the enemy fighters and decreases yours. Normally my assault guys are on the front line so they get mind controlled. Which is awkward because they do the most damage.

Perhaps another solution might be to make it so that mind control only works in base to base contact??? That would at least give us a chance to cut them down first.

HOWEVER another big issue is with their FRENZY, the damn things move so far. So one minute they are way out of range and out of sight, the next minute they have just mind controlled your biggest DPS guys.

They will balance it all in a year or so. Just by the time steam version arrives -) For now consider yourself a beta-tester )


I think you make a fair point although it does raise the other issue that games are released half baked nowadays. Many of the bugs I’ve encountered and some of the game play issues I’ve seen MUST have been identified during play testing, but like many company’s they fall back on the ‘well fix it in a patch’. I’d rather have the game than not and understand from a marketing point of view they want it out in time for Christmas, but I wish I could play a newly released game that didn’t need immediate patching.

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Steam users will get it in full probably at a discount with patch and mods.

If you look at the info on the Viper it shows it’s WP. Viral damage, Explosives and disabling the head seem to be the best options for me.

Thei’re actualy a threat when you first encoutner them, but then… an explosive wreck them apart cause they have several low hp parts, and bleed extremly well.

Aiming the head ( one or two sniper shot, depending of your gear) destroy the head, making them at 0 max will, and therefore making them definetly unable to control anything, you then “just” have to deal with the claws, but their are mostly armless as their are build to make your soldier loose willpower more than killing.

The caustic attack can be a thing latter on but it’s just a really close range (maybe 3 - 4 tiles) attack, so it’s all about aiming the torso before the siren reach you and it’s also gone.

From my point of view their are very far to be too powerfull, and their is far worse latter on :’)

SPOILER ______

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There’s a helmet module you get from research that you can manufacture that cuts the chance down to 50%

It’s a good job the game has the load /save option, making save-scrumming a fix when it comes to overpowered enemy. Darn mind control frog killed off 3 of my finest.

I have to agree on that. Siren can MC any soldier now. and when you are still on manticore level, losing a single soldier for alien, may ends your mission straight away

They need to make it that there is a synergy cost, for certain enemy types. 1 Siren might cost 100 points, but the next one will cost 500, due to the synergy of two sirens being much more powerful than one.

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